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  1. Ok no worries. Let me know. If wed doesnt work maybe another day
  2. Ok that should work for me. I'll message you before to confirm. Appreciate it
  3. If anyone is going down to the pool and wouldn't mind showing a new guy around I would appreciate it. Never been down there but would love to learn. Heard it's a nice hike, figured it would be stupid to go down there alone my first time. Thanks. Darryl
  4. Some nice pictures I got while checking my game camera this weekend .
  5. It seems alot of people are going that route. While walleye fishing at nichols marina in May I met a guy who makes custom swim baits and jig heads for cheap. Bought about $20 worth and they were as good as the store bought ones. Caught some huge walleye with them too.
  6. We went to lake nippising this summer. We almost exclusively used vibrax spinners (gold, silver, red) and absolutely cleaned up on the pike. Amazing lures, the pike just eat them up!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 2020 has been a very bizarre year, but still lots to be thankful for. Have a great day all.
  8. What was the original purpose to it?
  9. I dont know why I care at all about American politics but this year it seems to be sucking me In!
  10. I went out today to check my stands and do some prep work. Forgot to chain up my stand over winter and to my surprise nothing was gone. We found some good rubs and tracks. Getting excited for November.
  11. My wife says I have a problem but can you ever really have too many knives ??
  12. People do the same thing on my street with both leaves and snow. No common sense, or courtesy.
  13. I'm definitely hoping to, but as suggested I will find someone who knows what they're doing as I have never been down there.
  14. Beautiful deer. Good luck to you
  15. Absolutely. I hear it's a good work out !
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