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  1. We are our own worst enemies. Went to the beacon the other day to see how many boats were out in Lake Ontario. The old pirate ship is now covered in graffiti, nothing but garbage and empty beer bottles scattered all over the beach. It's no wonder why these places are starting to put up no trespassing signs everywhere.
  2. Exact same thing as last year. Its pathetic. Put someone at the entrance, check ID, if your not local get out. EASY. I fear most boat launches will close again as a result of all the out of towners
  3. That's not a good sign at all
  4. Congrats smerch. Well deserved, you definitely put the time in!
  5. If I were a betting man my guess would be Queenston gets shut down again. They did it last year at this time, and used all the smelt guys as the reason (overcrowding etc).
  6. Do these have a financial value or has technology made them obsolete? Of course not taking into consideration sentimental value ?
  7. Congrats ! Nice fish
  8. I agree surf and turf. Way too much bickering and arguing about something that has nothing to do about fishing. We all have our own opinions, and let's just leave it at that.
  9. A good friend of mine lives near woolverton and Mud. He has no cable internet available. He has to use satellite internet and it's very slow. I can find out speed and company for you. It's pretty remote out there.
  10. I also had a friend who went out for about 4 hours and never got a single bite
  11. That's literally the hardest part of hunting is finding the land. I almost called it quits, it took me years, but finally I have some great places to hunt now. It's worth all the hard work.
  12. The price of 2 x 4s is ridiculous. Was at lowes last week and despite being almost double in price, I couldn't find one straight board.
  13. Also dont forget meat and certain groceries up 25%, lumber and building supplies sky rocketing, gas and various other utilities, it doesnt end. Going to be tough for a lot of people to survive.
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