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  1. I think the news said St.Catharines got the most snow of everywhere. Confirmed just over 50cm. I dont ever remember this much snow before? Can anyone confirm this was more or less than the big storm of 1977?
  2. Congrats! All about filling that freezer for the year. The younger deer taste much better in my opinion .
  3. Not looking good for erie Ice AGAIN
  4. I think alot of people(like me) are still trying to fill last minute tags before deer season ends December 31st. Got my buck back yesterday, but still need to fill my doe tag.
  5. I really think they only had the two lanes open to make canadians wait, and deter them from crossing into the states again. Canada has making huge money on gas, alcohol, groceries without people crossing the border the last 1.5 years. It's disgusting how much we pay in Canada, compared to what the same item is only 15 minutes away. I wanted to buy my son a Buffalo Bills hoodie for Christmas. You can't buy one in Canada for less than 80$..same Hoodie in the U.S.$29
  6. Well today I decided to do my first day trip back to the United States in almost a year and a half, not sure I would go back again anytime soon. I used to go every week religiously for gas beer etc..After today it's quite evident that Canada does not want us going over there and will make it as difficult as they can for us. The trip into the U.S was seamless. All booths open, very friendly, didnt even ask about vaccination status. " welcome back". The gas was $3 a gallon which after conversion was 1$ a litre. Not bad. The beer was $22 for 36 cans of Coors light which is $60 at the beer store. Coming back into Canada was a nightmare.. mile long lineup and only 2 booths open, and nexus lane closed. Had to download an app on my phone, and still got the 3rd degree when I pulled up to the border agent. All in all I probably saved 100$ on everything but it was a bit of a pain in the ass. I was actually surprised that most people where I went were all wearing masks.
  7. Its definitely not fake . It's on both the parks police and Niagara Regional police websites. It looks fake because they blacked out his face. They shouldn't have though, let everyone see who he is. These are the people that are losing our spots one by one
  8. We used to fish Lake Niapenco up in Binbrook and they too over did it with the christsmas trees and man made structure. It was such a pain in the ass to fish there. Constant snags and lost lures every single time we went there. Stopped fishing there for that reason
  9. Yes that's correct. $6000 fine for EACH person trying to cross back into Canada. Plus Police officers at every bridge en forcing this and handing out the tickets
  10. Bottom line is I will be paying $50 for a case of beer for the unforeseen future.
  11. They cant deny your right to enter the country but they have Niagara Regional Police officers at every bridge. If you return into the county without a valid test EACH person is issued a 5-6k ticket. They have been doing this for months now
  12. I was excited to hear about this as well. I went across to the U.S every single week for gas, beer, and groceries that we cant get in Canada. Sickens me to pay 50$ for a case for beer when same thing is $15 in the states. Again Canada sticking it to us by making every.person in car get a test prior to returning to Canada .
  13. Congrats Gene. We have been pleasantly surprised with how many deer we are seeing in NOTL..we already have one Doe, and one buck, all crossbow. Very good sign, and the rut I dont think has even started.
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