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  1. This is a hot topic on a few different websites. Technically No, fishing is not an essential reason to leave your home unless it is somehow deemed "exercise", which is permitted. The real question is will Police or Bylaw actually enforce it. If the boat ramps get closed again that seems more of a regional decision. I will be out fishing until someone comes and tells me I cant . Once again, the government has made things even more confusing and vague than ever.
  2. Purchased these custom made Jig heads from a local fisherman in NOTL. He does great work, and I caught alot of walleye with them last year in the river . Times are tough now, especially for small businesses, and the local ma and pa shops. Its great to support these types of people, instead of the big box stores. Cant wait to get out and try the new batch!
  3. Sounds great. It's only January and I'm already day dreaming about our end of summer fishing trip up to Lake nippising in August.
  4. I am a newer boat owner so my knowledge of motors is next to nothing compared to most guys on here. I also thought the couple hundred bucks was well worth it. They gave me a two or three page report of everything they did, checked,.fixed, lubed etc. They also keep a running file for things that need to be done and looked at next year so In my mind it was well worth the money.
  5. I'm inquiring about the same. If you find out let me know and vice versa. If you want some company let me know. Now that hunting is done I plan to fish there regularly when I can get out .
  6. Anyone having any luck shore fishing the upper near the peace bridge or nichols? Now that hunting season is officially over I'm hoping to get out for some walleye/trout. Have heard people are out there, but haven't heard if they are catching much. People are saying the upper has been very slow and dirty water .
  7. One of many tonight I hope
  8. Is there a waiting list there? Seems to be alot of people interested in the same thing
  9. No I'm still a few years away from the freebies. My dad actually turned 65 this year so we were just figuring out how many walleye and perch he was allowed for next year .
  10. When you hit the magic age and start getting a free fishing licence, do you have to Abide by the sports fishing or conservation fish limits?
  11. No senior or veteran should ever have to pay. It's one of the few things our government actualy does correctly. I just ordered new card, 3 year sport fishing, and 3 year small game. $176. Need to catch alot of walleye and perch this year to recoup the cost!
  12. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting anyone from this group yet but I would love to come the new year. Seems like a great group of guys on here that are always willing to help and give advice. Merry Christmas, and hopefully next year will be better than this one .
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