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  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and say there isnt too many vegans on this site! Mushroom burger? Sounds delicious lol
  2. Never had winter tires in my life. Some people swear by them, not sure I will ever put them on my vehicles. I drove back and forth from niagara to Toronto for 17 years for work and never had any issues. I just make sure I get top of the line all seasons, and drive nice and slow
  3. Queenston docks is the same. Guys show up and say "that's my spot" . Haha ya ok. Fist fights last year over shore fishing spots and even fights between shore guys and guys in boats trying to launch and running over lines etc. Bottom line is its WAY to congested, and not fun at all
  4. I have been having a great walleye season on Erie this year compared to last. Probably keep going for another month or so before I switch back to perch .
  5. When we go up north we only take up #4s and #5s. Bigger lure = bigger fish
  6. Do you get out much on your boat Smerch?
  7. I completely agree. Covid has driven boat prices up big time. I've been offered 5k more for my boat now than what I paid last year. Makes sense to buy new. You will love a Lund. I have a 60HP as well but wouldn't mind upgrading to a 90 or 115
  8. Shady what type of Boat are you looking at? We just picked up a Lund last year and couldn't be happier .
  9. Last time I checked they are around 8 dollars at Peter's depending on size
  10. That's a great idea. I was having the exact same issues casting from shore at the upper river for walleye in spring. I was using braid with jigs and every other cast it was getting tangled. What a mess, and a time killer fixing it
  11. I was fishing next to a guy earlier this year who was jigging for walleye in the upper right at Nichols marina. He caught a really nice musky just using a small jig head with a paddle tail bouncing it off the bottom .
  12. Yes I noticed the same thing. Must be a new type of setup. And new badges you earn? One thing I don't like is you can no longer see someone's ranking or points without clicking on their name and snooping around their profile.
  13. I honestly haven't heard of anyone buying a camera or camcorder in years. With basically any newer cell phone the camera quality is as good or better than any camera I ever owned. If we are talking professional photography well that's another story.
  14. Cant read the article unless you subscribe to the standard online
  15. I'm not experienced with carp either , just started fishing them. I can only assume feeding or spawning. Smerch or Tyler may have more info. That one I caught was hooked about 50 to 60 feet out from shore in about 6 to 8 feet of water using corn.
  16. No not really. The cats aren't too big. More of a nuisance when trying to catch the carp but it fills the time.
  17. Went out to Gibby today. It was cool with some wind at around 6am when I arrived. Literally nobody else out fishing, it was a ghost town. The catfish were non stop then finally got a good hit and line started peeling. Took about 10 mins to get her in because I was only using 10lb mono. I have no idea how much it weighed because a pike broke my scale a while back and I haven't been able to get out since to replace it. About 11am things died off and I called it a day. No tick sightings as of yet .
  18. I was going to head out to Gibby in the morning but figured with all the rain and wind water may be chocolate milk.
  19. Why are you on this site if you dont want to share information? I love guys who read all the posts and good information posted here, but refuse to contribute and then criticize other people who do. Sounds like your the real hero
  20. Thanks smerch. Appreciate the great info. I have everything except for a bait runner reel so maybe I'll pick one of those up tomorrow when I go to grimsby tackle. I have found a few carp rich spots near me that I will be hitting up over the summer when I cant get out on the boat. Thanks again!
  21. Can anyone recommend a good carp rod and reel? I've never fished carp until this year and I'm having a blast fishing them when i cant get my boat on the water. Some questions i have. What lenght an action of rod? Medium or heavy? What kind of reel? And what type of line and lb test? Thanks guys
  22. Darryl L

    The 12

    We had a fun day at Gibby today. We brought our light and ultra light rods with 8lb mono. Broke one giant off early because drag wasnt set property but the other two carp were a hell of a fight and landed. Good mix today of Carp, sheephead, cats, and Bass. All off corn and worms. Nothing fancy. We got there at 6am and there was 2 cars, when we left at 10am there were nine cars.
  23. Put all the inmates to work like they do in the states. Have anyone who wants to get some fresh air outside cleaning up the parks and highways. It's a win win. I travel to the U.S every year for NASCAR races and the U.S highways and interstates are always pristine. I'm pretty sure many of the states still do this. Its Canada though and that would be considered inhumane or degrading here.
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