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  1. No not really. The cats aren't too big. More of a nuisance when trying to catch the carp but it fills the time.
  2. Went out to Gibby today. It was cool with some wind at around 6am when I arrived. Literally nobody else out fishing, it was a ghost town. The catfish were non stop then finally got a good hit and line started peeling. Took about 10 mins to get her in because I was only using 10lb mono. I have no idea how much it weighed because a pike broke my scale a while back and I haven't been able to get out since to replace it. About 11am things died off and I called it a day. No tick sightings as of yet .
  3. I was going to head out to Gibby in the morning but figured with all the rain and wind water may be chocolate milk.
  4. Why are you on this site if you dont want to share information? I love guys who read all the posts and good information posted here, but refuse to contribute and then criticize other people who do. Sounds like your the real hero
  5. Thanks smerch. Appreciate the great info. I have everything except for a bait runner reel so maybe I'll pick one of those up tomorrow when I go to grimsby tackle. I have found a few carp rich spots near me that I will be hitting up over the summer when I cant get out on the boat. Thanks again!
  6. Can anyone recommend a good carp rod and reel? I've never fished carp until this year and I'm having a blast fishing them when i cant get my boat on the water. Some questions i have. What lenght an action of rod? Medium or heavy? What kind of reel? And what type of line and lb test? Thanks guys
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    The 12

    We had a fun day at Gibby today. We brought our light and ultra light rods with 8lb mono. Broke one giant off early because drag wasnt set property but the other two carp were a hell of a fight and landed. Good mix today of Carp, sheephead, cats, and Bass. All off corn and worms. Nothing fancy. We got there at 6am and there was 2 cars, when we left at 10am there were nine cars.
  8. Put all the inmates to work like they do in the states. Have anyone who wants to get some fresh air outside cleaning up the parks and highways. It's a win win. I travel to the U.S every year for NASCAR races and the U.S highways and interstates are always pristine. I'm pretty sure many of the states still do this. Its Canada though and that would be considered inhumane or degrading here.
  9. Congratulations Bill. Beautiful fish
  10. When all this covid bullshit is over we should do a get together with all the members. Be nice to put a face to all the names. For the guys who have been on here for a long time, have you guys ever had a get together of this type before ?
  11. Crystal beach and Port colborne NO. Port Dalhousie and Jordan YES. Queenston Docks NO. Upper Niagara YES..makes perfect sense to me.
  12. Beautiful day out. Looks like a fun day. Congrats
  13. And the bad part is they use Covid to justify why everything has increased in price, but do you think anything will go down once this is done with ? Not a chance
  14. I did the exact same thing when I bought my Lund. I hit up all the smaller quiter launches until I felt a bit more confident. I remember the first time I went to Crystal beach and saw the lineup of boats, and the parking lot jam packed I almost had a panic attack.
  15. I went out carp fishing today at Gibby and was a bust. Misread the wind, man was I cold. Lasted 2 hours. Had 2 big bites but missed them both, then finally hooked the 3rd one (decent sized carp) and got within 10 feet from shore and lost it. One of those days.
  16. Yes exactly what I was thinking. Perfect for getting all the rods set up, checking lines, and landing fish
  17. How long will your minn kota be able to steer you using a 12v say group 29 series battery? Can you go all day or just a few hours ?
  18. I would be more concerned about the people that go there and keep the 40 fish they catch when nobody else is around.
  19. Looks like just targeting the out of towners. Doesn't mention anything about locals.
  20. I have a friend who got lyme disease down here in Niagara a few years back. It scared the crap out of me. I dont really hunt turkey anymore as a result. Sitting in the bush (especially in spring) I'd find so many. Probably just paranoid but they scare the doo-doo out of me
  21. Which Grimsby ramps? I drove by the Beacon this morning at 515 and saw alot of boats and trailers in the parking lot . It was too dark to tell if that ramp was open or closed ?
  22. Rumor Has It that the government may be backtracking once again and possibly opening up outdoor activities this week. Looks like possibly golfing, camping, and hopefully reopen the boat launches. Fingers crossed. It doesn't seem like they have any idea what they're doing lol. The mayor of Brampton advised he heard it could happen Wednesday.
  23. Glad I wasn't the only one. I didn't have a single bite at Gibby either. I only lasted an hour with the wind thou.
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