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    I've never heard of this smelt craze before actually, are they good eating? Do you just fry em up whole? They look like bait to me lol...
  2. Fishing is the one hobby that has that major con of more people getting involved... But it's always nice to see more (responsible) people out by the water, the more anglers the better. I'm hoping as the warm days become more common the traffic will spread out more throughout the week at some of the busier, more accessible spots.
  3. I don't think you got anything to worry about, my GF got hers last month and she said it was no different from a normal flu shot. I'm still waiting for my turn...
  4. Seen one pulled out at GRT last week. Gone there a couple times in the last couple weeks and as steelshady said its been packed. I've been searching for other spots...
  5. Canada is actually really bad at testing and detecting/diagnosing Lyme when compared to the states. I’ve read about people who are told they don’t have lyme for quite some time and have to go to doctors in Florida to finally get diagnosed correctly, at a high price of course... it’s a shame too considering how many ticks there are in southern Ontario.
  6. Oh man, I can handle most bugs but ticks are something I do not mess around with... I’ll avoid some fishing spots in the summer just because of the hike to get to it because of them. I remember years ago, one time I was hiking to a fishing spot and got my rod caught in a tree shook it out and when I got home had several ticks all in my back and shoulders. I can only assume they were from the tree...
  7. I’ll have to drive down there and see what’s up! Thanks!
  8. That's kinda my outlook on it as well, would most likely only use it in small ponds/creeks anyways so the risk of something massive biting on would be low.
  9. I've never fished the rec, you know if its worth checking out this time of year? Thinking of spots to take the GF...
  10. Thanks guys, never actually been to Grimsby tackle. Maybe I'll head up there this weekend.
  11. Hey everyone, first post here. I just started seriously fishing last august. Mainly targeting bass and pannies every now and then. Now that this is my first spring of trying to really fish hard I’ve decided to target panfish. Picked up some jigs and crappie plastics, and been down to Green Ribbon three times now but no dice... Is it too early for Crappie? That seems to be the popular spot right now. I was told to check out some of the creeks off the Welland River but I haven’t had a chance to get out that way yet. Anyways, I’m planning on buying an ultra light combo soon to get the m
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