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  1. Is the current and water level in there just controlled by the dam by Decew? Tried it for the first time last week and the water level was low and the current slower and it was probably my best trip all year for bass. Tried again the water level was way higher and harder to fish… Nice carp!
  2. The last couple weeks has been a grind for sure but this summers been good for me. Hoping some cooler weather can help me out.
  3. If you’re talking about the ones I’m thinking of (Wainfleet Wetlands) I’ve fished those quarries a few times now. Last year I caught a couple dink largemouth I also hooked what I believe was a small pike on a texas rig but it snapped off before I could land it. Seen some carp cruising around too. In the early spring I was catching really nice sized bluegill and rockbass but last time I went the panfish were all tiny. If you’re trying to get away from the weeds I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for. I pretty much only throw weedless in there. How is the fishing around Sugarloaf? Been meaning to check it out sometime…
  4. Ross


    The only thing I’ve been catching them on lately is a texas rigged green pumpkin senko and the ewg ned rig. My buddy catches a lot on the drop shot with a finesse worm on it. For some reason I just can’t get them to bite a moving bait… Haven’t really found a place that produces consistently, but when going from shore I find it easier to fish on smaller bodies of water. Just gotta fish a weedless presentation.
  5. I’ll also add peters is my go to place, I find they have the best selection/knowledge. I do buy fishing gear online when they don’t have what I’m looking for. I’ll warn you not to buy from American sites. I’ve been hit with fees/duties twice now and it’s brutal.
  6. Just starting to catch some bass. Been fishing around Thorold mainly. Only been able to get em on the texas rig senko and ned. Nothing huge though…
  7. I got a dashcam about a year ago and I highly recommend it. Only ever had to use it once when someone tried merging into me on Westchester but I couldn’t imagine not having it. Its nice because it’s always recording and just writes over the old footage on the SD card. Also has a parking mode that records when someone bumps the car. Too many idiots on the road these days…
  8. Nice. Never fished it before but I’m hoping to get out there this year.
  9. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning. Don’t know where yet… You fish the Grand from shore or boat?
  10. Looks like quite the oasis! Hoping to get up north this summer, it's been a while...
  11. It's not just a problem with anglers leaving trash, everybody seems to do it, look at what happened at Trinity Bellwoods park over the weekend in toronto... I'll never understand what goes through someone's head to leave trash around the water way they use for enjoyment. Just pure ignorance. I find pretty much every time I go to a somewhat popular fishing spot It's littered with line/tackle/worm buckets/beer cans. It's a shame because I know the majority of anglers care quite a bit for the environment, but its the select few who are ruining it for the rest of us... I try to pick up litter when I can especially line and hooks because I know how much damage it can do to the local wildlife but there's only so much we can do to combat these pigs...
  12. I caught a couple so far this year. Nothing sizeable...
  13. My mistake. The body shape and length did throw me off a bit of it being bass... Still seems wrong to throw dead fish in a random waterway, something will eat em up though...
  14. As much as I wouldn’t want to take one, I agree it’d be worth it. Quite a few times this year already I’ve had guys brag to me about the bass or pike they caught. They don’t even know they’re out of season...
  15. Definitely could’ve been trout or salmon, the markings on the head looked like bass though. Either way it’s a shame people leave a mess like that...
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