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  1. I understand they are busy but when I call mid April and I book a time to drop it off in June I do not expect them to keep it for almost 2 weeks and then tell 'should' get to it by the end of the following week.
  2. Does anyone know of a good marina for service? I tell you getting service is next to impossible during COVID. I ordered a swim platform from Dewildt in Hamilton over the winter and said let me know when it comes in and I will bring my boat over to have them install it. It arrived on April 6th and I called April 20th to get an app't to get it installed - I left them 2 VM's and 3 emails and they just went dead. I finally called and spoke to someone and they gave me an install date of June 1st.......I dropped it off that morning at 10AM and as of yet it is still not done. I decided to
  3. The real issue here is global overpopulation and how we measure growth. We simply cannot continue to bring in 100,000 people into Canada every year while reducing our carbon footprint. Makes no sense.
  4. Turkey hunting will be fine during the lockdown. I have 5 farms to hunt in the Smithville - Dunnville area that need some attention. Great reason to get out of the house and get some exercise with the shotgun
  5. Gov't sending 100,000 immigrants to TO every year and this combined with the inner city flight of people that are tele commuting will only add more pressure to rural Niagara. Just look at the QEW on a Saturday (Niagara bound)........insanely busy.
  6. Presently I have a Lowrance HDS 7 and it is a very nice unit paired with Navionics+ it is a very powerful unit. Before this I had a Hummingbird Helix 5 Si GPS paired with a Lake Master Chip and that was a very nice unit as well. Helix seemed to have a easier to learn interface but I do like the graphics on the HDS7
  7. Try CB Shorts or for a little more umph Remington CBee (both sub .22)
  8. This is a new low water mark in society. Next why will they allow you to sue Cadbury for making someone obese and a diabetic?
  9. So I hear that IBM is going to administer the gun buyback program. Imagine that guns for laptops!
  10. I was in a store like that in Hamilton last year and was about to buy a decorative serving plate for $375 and when I went to check out they said credit or debit only. I told them to keep their product and I would be supporting their competitor and bought another one the following day for less money and paid cash. I was shopping over Christmas and saw they were out of business........makes you think doesn't it. I cannot see cash disappearing over our lifetime, and even if it does disappear I believe cryptocurrency will take it's place. How else with the criminals launder their money?
  11. The lockdown starts on 12:01AM December 26th........not that 2 days makes any difference.
  12. That and other fiscally irresponsible dealings. I am starting to do more cash jobs now - and i do not feel guilts about it one bit. Since I cannot trust the government to spend my money responsible I might as well just keep it myself!!
  13. What an adventure......glad it worked out well. On another note is it just me or does that drive shaft that comes out of the top of that helicopter look awfully small!!??
  14. Freeland is nothing more than a 'yes man' for Justin. How can you appoint a Minister of Finance that has NEVER held a finance job......she has no formal finance training or education. She is a professional journalist and the closest she came to anything finance she reported on it. Pathetic really, but she will suit his purpose for now.
  15. I have a couple of guys that I lean on for their opinion but yes you are right I need to snoop more when at boat launches. On my precious boat (Sylvan Explorer 1600 c/w 40Hp EFI) I just flatlined using bait casters. I ran into more issues than they are worth when dealing with BPC/Cabelas/SAIL - messed up store policies, utter lack of customer service, and lack of knowledge. When I was setting up my boat last July I could not even find rod holders, anchors, planer boards, or trolling rod selection because of COVID. I bought what I needed to from Amazon to get me on the water an
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