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  1. That is some awesome feedback, thank you!
  2. Are you mostly floating roe? Or do you mix it up with beads, shiners, jigs?
  3. Yes! I was trying that for a bit and it seemed to fish really well...I mean, it felt like I could really keep it in the strike zone for a good long while. What do you like for length on your line going to the lure and to the sinker?
  4. Hey all...new joiner here, but definitely recognize some names from the early days of fishing boards in Ontario. I'm slowly rekindling my relationship with river fishing, specifically for trout. A good friend and work partner is my latest addition to the list of fishing buddies, as he has become addicted over the last year, and he really loves trout, so we have been chasing them down in smaller rivers and streams. Took him down to the whirlpool last weekend to show him the power and beauty of the lower Niagara, as well as how to donate lures to her rocky bottom. On that note,
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