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  1. Anybody know good places for carp fishing along Niagara region? Thanks
  2. like all people say, late spring. Get ready for next winter fishing there
  3. they are fishing from that shore based on the pictures and videos online. They say you can access from other sides and not directly from the barriers. Which makes me feeling confused. Anyway... not familiar with the area so I do not know any other places around....
  4. People still go behind the barrier and fish from shore. Not sure how legal that is to use the ways around but still there are people down there to fish.
  5. Hope you stay home too at St Catharine's :))) LOL And river is open for all of us. It is not about COVID or else. Fishing anywhere I have not seen people too close to each other. however....
  6. No information yet anywhere Looks like fishing spots are secret because nobody shares
  7. where the hell then everyone is fishing on Niagara? OMG.... that is insane if it will remain closed
  8. anybody know if they are open or they will remain closed till that crazy stay at home order?
  9. anybody knows if they will reopen the access to the ramp at all?
  10. I am really getting confused by living in Toronto I can not go anywhere to fish. And how that can be explained to all of us.. it does not make any sense
  11. Hello everyone Most are maybe tired of all those back and forth regulations, but please advise if we are still allowed to go out fishing with these new rules? Thank you all
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