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  1. I got spots like a Dalmatian. Just not as mobile as I once was. So I am not offering to tell you where. But if you wanna go pick me up.
  2. Pick me up? Always wanted to go down the high banks east of the grand, down behind the island.
  3. Heading up in 2 weeks. What do you use in the fall for lakers?
  4. I will second the waltonian. Been more then once. Unfortunently check the regs if your going for walleye i think your only allowed 1.
  5. I know about the deaths, its a dark part of wellands history. The moral of the story is jackasses ruin everything. I remember testing the boats in the canal to make sure it sounded right before taking it on the lake. Then i remember almost being swamped in my 12 ftr. Personally I just wanna build a sail barge. Rose city pirate, trolling under wind power. Just need some measurements for the lowest bridges.
  6. People are too stupid for motor boats in the canal. Brutal honesty is key. Most people who fish around welland can't even bother finding garbage cans. not to mention the portion of people who think its ok to burn thier garbage along the river instead of cleaning up after themselves. The latter being a practice i have personally seen preformed by 3 generations. Please show your support for welland rejoining the darwin awards. Infact lets start a pool, first death. Alcohol related? Jet ski collision? Kid jumping from bridge smashed by boat or jetski? Althou
  7. Just a reminder the next meeting is on wednesday. As stated above.
  8. Pretty important, unless ofcourse nobody hunts in thorold, which i believe includes port robinson and allanburg. I am not a hunter just a believer in freedom to gather ones food.
  9. I just got an email regarding this. If your free thursday night. Thursday October 27, 2016 6:00 to 8:00 pm Council Chambers, City Hall 3540 Schmon Parkway Thorold L2V 4A7 Another meeting in November. Different location Wednesday November 2, 2016 Thorold Fire Station #2 701 Allanburg Road Thorold L2V 1B1 they have been trying for years though?
  10. Take the 25 bucks put 10 in the gas tank and buy a dozen worms go catch chubs or suckers, or go down to the pet store and buy a couple mice. Elastic bands work best for this or wear gloves.
  11. Another wet foot. Or Fell in again. Ofcourse these are cleaned up but for some reason when i wear my sandals I am not allowed to ride shotgun and better yet nobody rides in my truck. Once you get that welland river grime between your toes that aroma will follow you like a good dog. BEWARE THREAD THEFT UNDERWAY I run the rose festival childrens fishing derby. I am looking for old family photos from previous derbies, the older and more embarrassing the better. For rose city inhabitants the derby is being held on Father's day this year. Registration will start at 7. Lines wet at 8 until
  12. Alright due to my own misfortune I am the proud owner of a concrete filled lawn roller. I am physically capable just wondering anybody still need thier lawns rolled?
  13. Its a pain but if your on for depth just double up through the stopper. All fun n games till a different depth comes up.
  14. Just drive. No better way to cross canada. Funny thing about heading east from here, in the time it takes to get to manitoba your already at the coast
  15. The quarries to the west of port colborne have alot of water and if your lucky great fishing. Also the inner bay. Be careful with there its a fish sanctuary to help the bass.
  16. Thats the problem with the shift to digital audio. Preamp will solve the problem but your best bet is older equipment. I run my tv through a 60s marantz. I may not get 5.1 or whatever the kids get today but with a flip of the switch i have vinyl. I only have cds in my vehicle.
  17. That really sweet 3 day indian summer had my finally put my 12 ftr in the welland. Did not waste time 3 of us rowed from wainfleet to welland and back. That was day 1 caught one crappie. Next day decided to keep it to welland nothing, once we put the boat away went down towards the fleet and landed 1 more crappie. Next day inbetween minor little rain showers managed a musky and a pike almost under the same willow tree. Both this years probably not even a pound each. All fish on shiners,
  18. poppers or streamers in a sunfish pattern?
  19. was up there few years back for labour day, sitting on a dock with appropriate liquid refreshments and a couple lanterns. "where did those logs come from?" "those aren't logs, they are giant gar pike" they just sat about ten feet off and watched us, for hours. it was dark and just eery.
  20. I am interested in the fact that the fish has a distinguishing mark, because I know a lot of guys here fish that area. so who has seen a musky fitting that description? OR...... lets be serious we all know there is no musky in Gibson. I thought I heard of a trophy coming from firemans park though.
  21. In a completely extreme case excluding the loon, maybe an acidental dinner?
  22. I have never tried it but hear from a buddy frogs legs are delicious. To me it seems a no brainer after a couple casts with no bites have frog legs.
  23. Oh the frog debate. i worked at a nasty equipment yard in the bosses boat testing pond was excellent helgramites, and the run off from all the pressure washing of the equipment created a ditch and it was full of frogs. I would grab a few of each for my trip home on fridays you wanna nail bass? 24 inches apart frog on top helgramite on the bottom. Now those were double headers.
  24. Why dont we just delete the thread as its been stolen by a few jackasses for their own righteous fights. Considering the fact that all this talk in the open forum as somewhere as equally dangerous and delicate as the grand river should have probably been instantly hushed to keep this from getting out of control, or getting some person killed because they didnt know what they were getting themselves into.
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