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  1. Do you ever use boillies, And the pva bags to chum the water ?.
  2. This is the second time I have seen them in my back garden this week. . IMG_2363.MOV
  3. The combination of colours coming together from the reflections is perfect .To my eye this is artist quality .This photo is definitely worth getting enlarged and framing .
  4. But there are these things called boilies and the netting bags that dissolve . I have had some experience fishing fo grass carp , but that’s fishing in China for them and that style is totally different and that’s all I have done for carp fishing .
  5. I am new to the Forum and new to the area , having just moved here a couple of weeks ago I have been busy wondering around the place I have moved to . I can’t believe how much wildlife there is around here. Every time I go into the woods to wonder around I find so many deer tracks , coyote ,and raccoons it’s difficult to believe . So far in my back garden I have seen a Coyote , A deer and Turkey , I had a idea that would be the case when I first pulled into the driveway and saw the antlers sitting on a rock in the Driveway . The picture of the Deer is from behind one of the Garages . it’s a busy place .
  6. Yes we just moved into the Country a couple of weeks ago . I am across the road from the Welland River and about 1 km down the road from Chippewa conservation area . Lots of wild life on my property . But not sure about how good the fishing is around here
  7. I used to think fishing for carp was simple . It’s not simple at all , I picked up some gear this winter and hopefully I may get a chance to try it out . I think I will start by fishing the boat slip at Wellandport it’s very close and at least I can sort out the tackle I purchased , ( maybe but I doubt i will get the hang of it ) . I need to stop working and spend some time just doing some fun stuff .
  8. that would at least make it more fun . The Chicken wire is not that deep but I bent it on a 90 angle so I am hoping if they dig that will stop them , and there are a lot of rabbits around . Just at the side of the garage and back garden I can normally see 3 or 4 in the evenings and I have no idea about the front of the house or the driveway .
  9. I don’t think I would have the energy to do all that chasing . My wife had me make her a garden that had to be Deer and Rabbit proof . We shall see how that works out .
  10. I found 2 more stands on either side of the property . This one faces a field towards Chippewa conservation and the other is a little further in from the unnasumed road allowance on the other side
  11. About half a dozen Turkeys close to the tree line .This is probably a stupid question but I assume this is a deer feeder , but I have no idea how it works . thers is a tree stand just a few yards away from it and a hunting blind just about 60 feet further . I assume from the amount of tracks I saw this is a deer highway . I also found another tree stand on the edge of a field , the field had
  12. Water temp is Huge concern the depth is 25’ and the aeration is handled by a pump designed to cover up to 30’ deep and half acre . I have less than 1/4 acre , probably .2 acres in addition I am getting a fountain that shoots 8 feet at centre and 6 feet at sides to add more water movement . The pond was initially designed to have speckles in there but I don’t think that would be a good choice .
  13. You need to get a permit from the MNR , and only native species are allowed to be stocked ,Rainbows , Bass etc . In my case it was relatively simple because I don’t have any feeder streams for fish to escape into the watershed . The company I am getting stock from was a big help in sorting things out for me and advising what steps where needed .
  14. I found a much nicer , newer stand yesterday while I was checking out the west corner of the property . The east corner had some Turkeys in a field close to my tree line , the previous owner has told me there are turkey nests in the trees and lots of deer beds there ,but I have not really checked out that side of the property so I am not sure what I will find
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