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  1. Thanks Surf! So what I am getting out of this is we can fish the glen, just don't be an idiot or take any chances or it will cost you...
  2. Right on Surf and Turf. Can I ask where you got that information and where are the places you shouldn't be? I contacted the niagara parks a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything back. Thanks!
  3. I like to blame people from Mississauga and Brampton first... too much traffic in Toronto to get anywhere
  4. Yes charged with trespassing but not charged with the cost of the rescue
  5. I completely agree. Post signs that say you are responsible for the cost if you require a rescue. People will think twice about bad decisions if it's going to cost them. You can't put up no trespassing signs down there... that's ridiculous
  6. Looks like the water is rising... not too bad, just a few more casts... oops, might get my toes wet... few more casts. Oh my God! Throw rod in water and scream for mamma!!! Pathetic!!!
  7. Says he's an angler... no rod and no idea of how to fish safely in the lower... I get mistakes and accidents can happen but what the heck is going on in the lower lately... feels like most people that are going down there truly aren't respecting the power of the niagara. Idiots!!!!
  8. Ya, why is he charged for trespassing at the whirlpool?
  9. Thanks guys! I felt really lucky to have had such an amazing trip especially to have spent that time with my Dad.
  10. Had an absolute riot fishing with my Dad. 100's and 100's of walley. Pike and white fish aswell. Till the next time!
  11. Off the charts gorgeous
  12. Hey everyone! Long time member but I got a new email so had to re-register... I saw the no trespassing signs last year and they also dropped a bunch of trees and brush and placed them at obvious access points along the glen. I have been fishing the glen since the late 80s and I'm shocked they did this. The internet is plastered with fishing tips and maps for fishing the glen. Does a closure of this size make the official fishing regs? I get they probably had a lot more people down there during the pandemic and had to rescue more than usual but no fishing seems ridiculous! So if someone gets in trouble from Cripps eddy down to the pool it's a different story? Anyways... confused on this one.
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