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  1. I don,t really know if I need to get one or not, I figured it would be my last one so maybe call it a donation to the fish gods and I will have a banner year fishing in 2021
  2. You will have a sport fishing licence. I have 6 months to go till I get the old man pass.
  3. Merry Christmas and may you and yours remain healthy
  4. I also run the ko2 s. I drive a 2wd pickup and they are great in the snow. I even drove them to florida last winter pulling a camper trailer through snow and mountains on the way down with no problems
  5. RJR

    late report

    I didn't see bananas in the negative list, maybe it has not been scientifically proven?
  6. Tiered works for me too. Have also requested it
  7. I bought my boat from them in 07 and every problem that I have had with it they gave me a run around.They have very poor service after the sale. I won't even buy an oil filter from them anymore.
  8. I still have a toque a ball cap and a coffee mug
  9. Fishing 99 percent catching 30 percent
  10. RJR

    Fished Today

    I tried friday morning in DC along the rec canal and got nothing. But like you said it was nice to get out.
  11. Yeah it made me feel really old, and dream of the days fishing was simple. you put a minnow on a hook with a sinker below it and tried to catch a perch. No bites after a while you determined there were no fish around you pulled up your anchor and moved to another spot.
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