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  1. Smerch, you should have recorded the chase and put it on u tube. It would of went viral and you would be a millionare like the other u tubers.
  2. Truly an icon being torn down. Back in the 70's it was one of the few bars that you could buy a quart bottle of beer.
  3. We are planning a similer trip this august. Chuttes,Lake Superior, Rainbow Falls,Quitico,Sleeping Giant, Fushimi, Rene Brunelle, than finally Halfway Lake it would probably take a month.
  4. I don,t really know if I need to get one or not, I figured it would be my last one so maybe call it a donation to the fish gods and I will have a banner year fishing in 2021
  5. You will have a sport fishing licence. I have 6 months to go till I get the old man pass.
  6. Merry Christmas and may you and yours remain healthy
  7. I also run the ko2 s. I drive a 2wd pickup and they are great in the snow. I even drove them to florida last winter pulling a camper trailer through snow and mountains on the way down with no problems
  8. RJR

    late report

    I didn't see bananas in the negative list, maybe it has not been scientifically proven?
  9. Tiered works for me too. Have also requested it
  10. I bought my boat from them in 07 and every problem that I have had with it they gave me a run around.They have very poor service after the sale. I won't even buy an oil filter from them anymore.
  11. I still have a toque a ball cap and a coffee mug
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