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  1. Just a heads up to all, Grimsby tackle as robbed last night for the second time in over a week !! Bills Baits was also broken into on the weekend. Sounds like it could be the same shitheads. Keep on the lookout for any "new" stuff for sale at stupid prices ! If it was Bass Pro,i wouldn't worry too much but this is the little local shops that give you that personal service and still have to earn a living for their families..So lets look out for them !!
  2. A new prop for a 15hp can't be more than $120 taxes in if you need one. Should be lots out there online for sale..do a search you'll get one if thats what you need. Or borrow one from a friend for a test....good luck.
  3. We still have a ways to go for dunnville cats. Water temp has to rise dramatically. They are going to be lethargic for quite some time with this ice still on the lower grand.
  4. IMO..spend the extra on proper carpet. easy to work with and match up. I did my first one with outdoor carpet ,it deteriorated way to fast and didn't adhere too long . Second one with proper marine carpet looks awsome and is durable.
  5. Markster that is what i have on my floor.Awesome stuff,so easy to work with. One tip though you better buy the good 3m spray on adhesive(special order) or it will lift in extreme heat. I am a trained flooring and carpet guy from way back . Canfatcat if you need some tips feel free to PM. Hey Smerch long time no see. Freedom 53 is upon me.The coundown is on, 30 more days to go and then everyday is saturday !
  6. Hey Canfatcat....Commercial auto trim on Shaw in Welland sells the floor vinyl. Awesome stuff i used it on my floor and gunnels. GFot my carpet at Nichols in Fort Erie...hope this helps. Commercial also did my cushions. I also know soneone who might be able to help with the seats, I'll look for her number and you can check her out.
  7. Good stuff Smerch!Nice shots. Hey i met Zip and the boys , swapped some strategies with them..lol Dave needs to widen and tee off those docks. its hell trying to dock or launch with a SW wind. My buddy got swamped trying to pick us up when a wave washed over the back. going up in a couple weeks will be sure to check #43 to see if anyone home...cheers!
  8. The old bastard is out of the picture now. Fosters is now run by his son and his wife . Sunk alot of cash into it . nice little place now. The son is a pretty decent guy he realized the potetial of taking it over but was worried his old man drove everybody out. Its taken a bit but as word gets outpeople are coming back. I can now recommend it....cheers!
  9. Hey Smerch..live from Mowhawk bay..beautiful day west wind 10k,just heading out. Was out yesterday for a few hours,ended up with 6 nice chunky eyes, from 2nd to 3rd buoy down the river 5 to 12ft. north side. SW wind picked up to 30+ got real scary for a bit.was hell trying to dock. Looks like they havent moved as of yet. By the time you get here they should be out the mouth of river .Some catches reported by the wires also. have heard nothing from narrows ,if i do i'll pass on info...cheers!
  10. Hey Smerch ,headed to Mohawk friday aft after work.staying till monday. If you are there we are in the trailer at the end of the road turning left when you get in the park. Hope to see you and hope the weather and etes are on board for this weekend. cheers.
  11. Awesome promo concept. For those that have never been,its an cool sight to see the hut village out there. Something out of grumpy old men..lol. On recent trips i have caught numerous Walleye,Sauger,Perch,Crappie and a few Pike.. Those possibly looking to make a weekend trek look up OZILES web page. They are located right there on the water.
  12. DIY is actually a great way to go. Most people think OMG there are so many ducts. But it really does'nt take that long. just be sure to have a couple three air filters for your furnace,you don't need the expensive ones. It will need to be changed a couple of times after you do the job as there might be some loose dust that you will not get. Most hardware stores do sell round and square brushes for chimney sweep job I have one from my old woodstove that i tape to the shopvac hose as i push it down the duct line. All the registers in the house are blocked with a damp towel except the one i'm cl
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