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  1. Yeh. what's your name again
  2. Be nice if we got the same cell Smerch
  3. As long as you are killing them before throwing them back the sea gulls get rid of them pretty fast. They used to electrify the spawning streams of the lampreys. Time to start that again.
  4. Hi Smerch I disagree. Certainly one or two gobies isn't going to change anything but if everyone threw back a couple of gobies that would amount to a lot of gobies and it would make a difference. No matter they are here to stay. Follow the regulations and be safe.
  5. Heat it up with a hair dryer and it might come off if it isn't brittle. Good luck
  6. Like Smerch says corn is good. I used to used balls of boiled corn meal, corn meal with molasses mixed in or boiled potatoes. Can't beat a ball of dew worms. Good luck
  7. If you are catching them just hang in. A big one will be hanging around. The canal is good also. Good luck.
  8. captnn

    Asian carp

    I didn't question him. Ministry knows they are there.
  9. Friend of mine was fishing in L Huron and said that Asian carp were jumping all around the boat in certain areas. Not a good sign.
  10. Put some pipe around the pond and tie monofilament line around them. The hereon will walk up to it and the line will stop it from bending over to nab the fish. Put boulders around your pond as the heron likes to land on a smooth area. Works for me
  11. Dumping gas( no matter how old it was ) on a fire pit is not good advice. It's a good way to kill yourself. You got lucky this time.
  12. If it starts the first time and not the second it is not gas. Check the gas for dirt or something electrical.
  13. Glad that all went well. Now follow instructions and don't over do it and cause problems.
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