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  1. Various projects over the last 20 years to reintroduce Atlantics have been rather unsuccessful and un popular. Recently a number of "retired brood stock" from the hatchery had been released in the harbor. Many have stock around through spring creating a unique opportunity to catch them. I'd assume the now warm water has pushed them out to the lake
  2. Some lucky junior angler is going to win a kayak in the spring Salmon Derby
  3. John Gadzo who was in Grimsby passed away... Grimsby Tackle does have a bunch of various parts tho and might have what you need but they are closed currently
  4. A standard 8'6 medium action downrigger rod will serve you well for Salmon trout and walleye for leadcore. I'd suggest the Okuma "Classic" series.
  5. Time is limited, give me the technology to eliminate the dead water every day...
  6. That reel is perfect for 5 colors of leadcore line on Erie for walleye or a rigger reel for walleye and salmon.
  7. Live Target smelt? Excellent bait , has a few different sizes and profiles, salmon, trout and walleye love em
  8. Looking forward to it For those new to the area, Lyle Gayder from Hooked On Niagara Sportfishing will be presenting a free seminar at 11am hilighting many popular spots to fish from shore, boat or kayak/canoe
  9. I remember when Ken Longpre caught the Canadian record carp at Lockhart pt in the early 90s..
  10. There has been one dock in all winter. The rest go in at the end of the month.
  11. I think the chances of it passing is very good right now if they receive any overwhelming amount of support for it , Otherwise I donf see why they would have gone this far with the proposal. Also right now with a majority conservative government it's now or never on this issue IMO. Please take a few moments to formally submit your comments
  12. Just a heads up/reminder that this Sat is the St Catharines Game and Fish Association's annual Free Kids Fishing day in Port Dalhousie. Anyone interested and available to help out with prep and set up can meet at the clubhouse Thurs and Fri evenings and on Sat morning at 7am. Community service hours available for students! More info here https://scgfa.ca/event/kids-day/
  13. Kids Day Planning meeting is 7pm tonight but will be at The Rib restaurant in the Offtrack room Members Bbq is this Sat 1pm at the ramp/clubhouse
  14. See ya there! Hopefully many can make it. The Game & Fish has lots of great things things happening and has the potential to do much more too.
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