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  1. An my grandfather once said “they are the troublemakers of the bush” that being said he would only shoot one if he had one come down close to the farm and if the coyote was looking to take out one of his chickens ducks or lambs he would then go get the gun , however a lot of time the coyotes were around the barn because they knew a lot mice and rats were around eating spilled chicken feed ... he never Understood baiting coyotes to kill them or calling them ...” you don’t put a bag of money on your front porch inviting theives to your house “ same theory with the coyote. Up until he passed he n
  2. Good luck, i also didnot get time to do any prep work.....doing it old school like the old days when there were no cameras. Headed out to the spot in about 20 min. Beautiful little spot in 89A. 007
  3. Im sure there is the odd muskie or walleye cruising through. 007
  4. yea no prob il post some pics of some fish hopefully. 007
  5. Hey guys been awhile since i been around here, but thinking of taking the boat out saturday and fish aorund the bay out of st catharines marina. Last time i was out there we caught a couple smallies and lost a decent size pike. Anyone ever fish out there? 007
  6. I would put money there is a couple coyote dens in Malcomson Park up the street. 40 acres of bush. 007
  7. As if this the first coyote ever spotted , just because it was by a school, a crowd of kindergarten kids running screaming at recess is enough to scare that yote back to the bush 007
  8. They are surprised LOL, you got niagara on the lake 1 min away just over the canal , which has a large coyote population. I live in st catharines Ive seen them many times around the canal area. 007 http://www.610cktb.com/news/2014/11/27/large-coyote-spotted-in-north-end-of-st-catharines
  9. If your talking about hydro land, everyone hunts its and treats it like crown land. Hydro company doesnot monitor or care who uses the land. As long as your in discharge zone and abiding all hunting regs your good to go. Its abandoned. As for shooting around Hydro wires I wouldnot take the chance. 007
  10. I wouldnot have it in me to shoot one there too nice of a creature. 007
  11. Right now with all the rain were having , willoughby going to be swamp which means rabbits will be looking for dryer cover. Like i said snow is key when cottontail hunting , i dont really go unless i have my dog and a couple of guys to spread out and increase your odds for a meal. There is a couple spots you can hunt that is city property just by lyons creek. we used to go alot and always get a rabbit or 2. Carl road off montrose 007
  12. Everytime we went with the dogs they would run a rabbit or 2 but nothing special, you def need a beagle if you plan on getting any. P.s a little bit of snow will help . 007
  13. You can get into some good size pike around there. white orange or black spinnerbaits usually do the trick. 007
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