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  1. Robbers for sure BIll. Went through a lot of corn today.
  2. Cats carp rudd ? The rudd was two tone green. Never saw one like it before. The tail was different then most fish. The first pic of the cat was just over 14 inches.
  3. Finally got into a few The gold fish was a surprise. Lost two large girls....not sure why, but these and the cats I caught made up for it.
  4. Just watched the video. Good to know I can pump iron and eat mess free....🤪 That video lead me to this one, https://myburgerbuddy.com/ Didn't realize people were having such a hard time eating burgers and such. I usually wolf my food down so fast, it doesn't have a chance to escape I fished two days ago at one of your carp spots, got the mark on my back, not my front
  5. Ya need to get out fishing more BIll......🙃
  6. Did mine on line about 2 weeks ago. Got the stickers in about a week in the mail. Simple procedure.
  7. Saw a possum on my neighbors garage and shone the flashlight on it and the eyes started to glow red...
  8. Gota love them no matter the size. I never take a hooked pike for granted. The adrenaline flows till the fish is in the net. Most pike put up some type of fight trying to throw the lure. It can get quite exhilarating when the pike breaks water and they seem to have an art to throw the hook. I once caught a pike on a spinner bait, but my line broke before I could net him. About two minutes later that pike was breaking water, about a foot up trying to throw the spinner. On his third attempt the pike threw it out. I could not believe what I was seeing. Anyways, I enjoy
  9. Joe and I hit up Gibby for a bit. Caught this 22 inch rocket. I had to use the spreaders to get the hooks out.
  10. Smerch, I will be giving another seminar in the near future, Pike fishing 101. I can try an squeeze you in, just let me know🧑‍🎓
  11. 😰 The withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelming at times.....🤪 Luckily we met up each spring for cats and carp to get me through these trying times.....
  12. Chubby little girl, ready to drop her eggs She was 28 inches long. Very slow presentation was the key. Released to make more babies.
  13. Question I would ask is, could one sue if the child died or do you have to sign a waiver. I can't understand how anyone would volunteer themselves or their children to take a chance on death or sickness.
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