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  1. Same here. I have two pflueger presidents for pike and trout and a quantum reel for carp. All are well over 10 years and never do a thing to them. Maybe I have just been lucky.
  2. Joe and I decided to give the Welland River a try not to far from the aqueduct and caught this nice pike. Came in at 29 inches and about 4lbs. Strange at times what these toothy critters will chow down on.
  3. Always have two rods and net in the suv. However doesn't help much if I don't have my tackle bag with me...that remains in the house after every outing.
  4. Wow, that sucks for sure. Ya'll have your own place up there, and out doors when not inside. Doesn't make sense, but looking around, not much makes sense anymore.
  5. There have always been daredevils around the world for hundreds of years. These guys defied the limits of human survival. Power to them.
  6. I let the dogs water the front lawn late each evening. As I open the door they both stay on the top stoop and stick their heads between the railing to see whats happening. They didn't move. I looked down and Mr Skunk was eating some compost I put around my roses. Back in the house, grabbed a bucket of water, but PepƩ Le Pew was gone. Lots of them and other critters around being so close to the 12.
  7. See my reply to Chris. As far as the heat goes, some of my vegetables love it and are doing well, and others need extra water for sure.
  8. Yes I read that today Chris, of course the bamboo is not supporting massive leaves like mine.
  9. It can grow 3-4 inches in a day...maybe time to see what the fastest growing plant is...and to the heights my grow at.
  10. The main plant has grown over 12' so far and the pup has grown over 14' to surpass the original. Fun to watch the expressons on some of the passerbys and questions from a few of the inquisitive ones.
  11. At least you are able to deduct the expense as I am in my business. Helps a bit.
  12. I use to get the odd wind knot on my spinning gear, but a quick second look and pulling out a few inches of line if necessary took care of the problem. It's so automatic to do as I am closing my bail.
  13. I had a great come back to your reply but got distracted yet againšŸ˜³
  14. I really miss those plastic straws, pic for reference.....
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