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  1. Not sure you would be pummeled for that, but push their buttons too much.... I found most officers back in the day where pretty forgiving. Pulled over once in one of my muscle cars, the cop said you can definitely out race us, but you can't beat the radio. I met many a good cop back in my silly racing days.
  2. Could not turn down such a mild day. Gave it go, went 1 for 3. Nice fatty 30 inches, released. Might be the last one on open water with the temps dropping.
  3. Pike must of been hungry with a fresh looking chub in its gut and going after our offerings. Was caught at one of your spots you target carp on, Beaverdam Rd. One day I would like you to show me how to prepare a pike like you do....of course means you might not get the next one
  4. DarryL, there was one other guy out, but left after about half an hour. A few others were inquiring about the action, but didn't wet a line. Tyler, usually I like a pan fry with coconut oil, salt, pepper and garlic. However this one is in the smerch's hands....
  5. Out for our daily exercise, Joe and I pounded some of the shorelines of Gibby. The two small ponds are frozen over, but the main lake was ice free. We went 1 for 3, with this nice 28 incher, which is currently being prepared for a meal.
  6. Cop: "So, like, how's it goin', eh?" Me: "Oh beauty." Cop: "So, like, you live in Hamilton. Whatcha doin' way up here?" Me: "I am exercising and going ice fishing." Cop: "Like, you're supposed to stay at home, cuz, like, there's a stay-at-home order, eh? So, like, I think I have to write you a ticket, unless you can come up with a viable explanation.....?" Me: {crickets} Me: "Would you like a donut?"
  7. Thanks to Snags for taking the pics on both threads.
  8. April not quite a year old, Angel 13
  9. Well, if it was a good looking young female, she might have a bigger problem in her hands
  10. Could you not of used two rods as you were sort of ice fishing 😎
  11. Think I'll just move to the back of the line
  12. My New Year's fishing resolutions, Don't buy more lures, ( I have more than enough ), unless they look really pretty. Streamline my lure selection, I don't need 20 lures for an outing...that one won't happen... Be honest when someone asks if I'm catching anything....that's going to be tough. Full pat down of anyone going out on the water with me, no bananas..... Happy New year everyone
  13. Good question as I'm also thinking of buying a toy I really don't need 🙃
  14. Holy moly smerch, have you used any of these. If so, any success....
  15. My hydro bill came in last week and is lower than previous bills. Tiered works for me.
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