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  1. Coming along nicely June 26-July 14 Crazy plant for sure, probably only one on the planet 🤪
  2. Six new benches will be installed on the repaired piers in port, at a total cost of $42,000.00. I'm guessing at that price, they are gold plated....
  3. Like snagglepuss, I have been washing more lures than catching. Trying different bodies of waters in the area have not been very productive. Fish have been seen and caught but not in the numbers as in the past.
  4. Sad to hear about the pup. Appears some data is missing. One doesn't cross a busy road without looking both ways. Was the pup at the heels of the owner as it should be crossing any street. I live on a busy street as well, and my pup is always by my side when I'm out and about. Again, sad to hear about the loss, but there appears to be some missing data. Ultimately the responsibly for the pup's safety is up to the owner.
  5. Some of the young ones with their parents inquiring about the plant have been told of the tale of Jack and the Bean stock. There are about 20 of those nasty(nasturtium flowers) which will produce a nice flowering carpet soon. Have many seeds from last year if you would like some. They sprout fast. Luckily April & Angel have chosen other areas to curb weed growth.
  6. The original is 17ish and the other is in it's 4 year. This is one months growth....amazing plant for sure Largest leaf so far measures 24X23 inches.... There is something uniquely different about one of them this year....
  7. With this current lockdown, the rowers are locked out, the club controls the gates, so......
  8. Tommy didn't you say you read the new regs....
  9. Totally agree Snags. Since the dawn of man, very very few people took social responsibility for their fellow man. One just needs to read a bit of history. There has always been and will continue to be members of society who feel they are omnipotent. Our dictators have tried issuing fines so people will take more responsibility....hows that working out.
  10. I can't understand the mindset of people that trash an area. Obviously missing a few brain cells..... I constantly check the area for hooks and line so my dogs don't get hurt. I will clear the area so it's safe. I will not pick up other peoples garbage.
  11. Corn, boilies, bread etc. No dead or live bait.
  12. For a picture of the hog Bill, check it out here...
  13. Nice size for sure Bill. Gives me an idea what Miss Piggy back in 2015 weighed. That's when we couldn't keep the carp off our lines. DSCN3523_zpsuvdxskkn.webp
  14. According to George, the earth may want plastic 🤪 This is the only science I follow https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=george+carlin+the+earth+will+take+care+of+itself&&view=detail&mid=212B096AD445110F4AC7212B096AD445110F4AC7&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dgeorge%2Bcarlin%2Bthe%2Bearth%2Bwill%2Btake%2Bcare%2Bof%2Bitself%26FORM%3DHDRSC3
  15. We have next to no rights, but we have many privileges, and everyone of them cost $$$$
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