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  1. Also...we almost always get our moose out whole. This year's moose was our 50th archery moose. We butcher it ourselves at the camp, wrap and freeze it. We split it and everyone brings a cooler full of cut and wrapped meat.
  2. Congrats! We got one bull on our archery hunt. 37 inches . We saw a few more but didn't get them in. With the changing of the tag system I am not optimistic about our chances for tags next year.
  3. Doubles a a Chris-moose inflatable for the holidays....
  4. Inflatable moose decoys for sale. I think we paid close to $400 after we added stuff. I have one and a friend has one. $225 each. Inflates in about 30 seconds and we added a remote switch so you can do it from tree stand. See my kijiji add for pictures. 289-690-7383 if interested. I am going up north Sep 26th.
  5. You can try Hartzel Auto and Marine in Thorold. He was auto and marine and just bought a boat dealership so doing almost all marine. i have only used him for small outboard fixes but was all good.
  6. A bunch of the Gales have the vendor machine...used to be $3.75, need change, for worms. I know the one in Thorold and I think Virgil have them, maybe others.
  7. Nice Smerch. I've used that aluminum repair before, cut off a chunk and knead it and it dries rock hard. I think I got the 49th moose for my archery group last year. We are in area 19 and used to be 2 guys in a group to get a tag and now its 6+. the gun hunters have it even worse. We think we can get one this year but next year they are going to some new point system and it is all individual, no more groups so our group that has been together for so long could come to an end if we don't get a tag. I don't think the MNR has a clue.
  8. I have had good success with Imperial Whitetail clover when I had a foodplot (lost that property). If you spray it for weeds and cut it you can get 5 or more years. You can buy on their website and buy their soil kit. You send in a soil sample and the square footage of your plot and they will tell you how much lime and fertilizer to put on the plot. It will make a huge difference. I had to put 1200lbs lime on a little plot less than an acre but it grew nice. If you want an annual they have a lot of brassicas and other seed but the deer didn't seem to like them as much when I tried it. Oats w
  9. The guy probably thought it was a perfect spot...over a cliff . The fire department said it was too dangerous to retrieve them. If he dumped them in a bush somewhere a hiker or somebody's dog found them there would have been a ruckus as well.
  10. Very nice. I'll be at the Erie Tracker Big Buck Feb 1 with mine. Maybe I'll see you there. I might have a chance in the OMW King of the Woods Contest week 1.
  11. I got my personal best buck and have a shot in the Big Buck contest as we green scored it at 164 but that was Oct 12. I hunted a lot in December trying to fill a doe tag and similarly had lot of days with no sightings. We really could have used some colder weather.
  12. Reminder... If you hunted deer you must have the mandatory report done online before jan 14
  13. My outdoors card expires Dec 31. I went in and renewed it and 3-year Fishing and 3-year Small Game for a measly $176. Emailed a bunch of family and friends and many that were expiring this year as well thanked me as they forgot and the MNR does not send out reminders now. One note...the Small game and fishing licenses are greyed out until you put the Outdoors card in the Cart if you are doing it online.
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