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  1. I haven't been on here very much lately and tend to fish larger bodies of water these days (Erie, Ontario and the Niagara River). That being said, I fished Gibson a couple times this year and was surprised to pull out a nice healthy walleye along with some solid bass and pike. My limited trips to Gibson may not be representative of this year as a whole but I was very happy to land my first walleye out of there. You never know what you'll catch out in Gibson though. I've caught two rainbows and seen two others caught in the past as well. Good luck. Hopefully fishing gets better.
  2. I've seen plenty of otters upnorth but saw my first one on this side of the 401 on a lake Ontario trib last year. They're definitely down here. Just not as many as upnorth.
  3. There have been a bunch of people who go down and bag all the garbage down there and then leave it to sit in garbage bags because it's too hard to carry up. These bags end up sitting there for months and then get ripped open by animals or float off when the water gets high. I'd love to see a nice clean river but its impossible in that location.
  4. No matter what you do in that spot you will never get it clean. The water goes up and down and its one of the first big back eddies for things to collect up on shore. That stuff comes from all over Lake Erie, Upper Niagara and Niagara Falls.
  5. http://www.raventackle.com/shotting_patterns.php
  6. Pressured waters and basically a hot tub this time of year. Definitely wouldn't be my first choice for spots around here.
  7. if you could go anywhere in Ontario all these answers are far too close to home and overfished for my taste. Stat looking up highway 144 or down the 560. Love that area.
  8. Its not a belief. The MNR is able to fine people who post pictures of OOS fish.
  9. I can tell that they are out of towners because the ditches haven't been productive this year. Theres lots of people coming from all over the place, looking for people catching fish, and standing right next to them. At least those guys are doing some leg work. Posting anything on here is basically like inviting them to stand beside you. I know a few guys who used to make posts on here about how well they were doing and used to have to park somewhere else/get a ride to the river so that they didn't have guys looking for them down there. People get so caught up with what they hear is doing well and never figure it out for themselves. Put in some legwork, observe some of the guys who are catching fish, and then go try it for yourself. I fish alone or with a few select people and theres some days i've hiked so far that you'll never find me. Not giving up those spots.
  10. I'm with toaster on this one. You share one thing with one person, they tell a friend, their friend posts 18 pictures on instagram. Before you know it, you're fishing shoulder to shoulder in a spot you used to be able to sneak down to and not see a soul. As far as the river goes I keep anything personal to myself. There's fish in there from the end of august till the end of june so don't really see a point in posting about them. I also don't really fish for social hour. I go down alone for some peace and quiet 90 percent of the time. I know Toaster feels the same way. Over the years we've seen a lot less common courtesy and lots of out of towners crowding people out of spots.
  11. lots of lakers bows and browns in erie to be caught. Just look at how many get caught in the upper. nice fish!
  12. Ive been down there at least a thousand times. Had a couple trips and slips but nothing serious. Just have to be careful and watch each step along with your surroundings.
  13. Download navionics ap for your phone. I think its about 15bucks. Well worth it though!
  14. I was out on Friday, same spot. Two brown trout and a couple oos bass
  15. I've been in allanburg and the feeder stream ia still flowing at its normal levels so i assume something along the way has diverted the water for aome sort of construction reasons. Levels may be lower but the level of the stream that feeds decew is not. Luckiky fish can make ther way up into shorthils or down below where the two streams meet. The main worry like smerch mentioned are all the little benthos
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