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  1. Thank you Bill! On behalf of the St.Catharines Bassmasters we would like to thank you for the invitation to take over the roll from the former Niagara Bassmasters and the great job they did to host this years Casting Kids portion of your show. We always have a blast working with the kids, talking to parents as well as the fishing community at large! As we all agree. If you start them young they will develop the passion! We look forward to next year! Thanks again and great job!! Kevin MacDonald President- St.Catharines Bassmasters
  2. I believe your looking for 2 St.Catharines Jr./high school Bassmasters. Check the St.Catharines Jr. Facebook page.
  3. Our day went something like this. My partner John Prokator and I fished US waters all day. It was a grind the first two hours. With no wind we were moving around dropping down on them when marking them with no luck. Our second spot produced some decent fish. We didn't rail them like some of the guys around us (30-40) but managed around 20 on the day. 5 of those fish were good enough to take 4th overall with 23.76lbs anchored by a 5.75. Big fish of the tournament was 5.90. We hope this tournament becomes a premier annual event for the area! We had great feedback from everyone and look forward to seeing you next year Bill.
  4. As the final preparations into the Canadian Tire Lake Erie Open come together. With a full 75 team field of some of Ontario best anglers not to mention a waiting list! We are estatic to say the least with the interest shown for this event. At this time I personally would like to take the time to recognize the two main forces behind the scenes that have made this tournament possible. St.Catharines Bassmasters Tournament Directors Jay Clay and Eric Hill! My hats off to you both! You have done the club proud! With the full backing of the St.Catharines Bassmasters, Jay and Eric along with the local Niagara Region Canadian Tire Stores lead by the St.Catharines 4th Ave. location started this journey over a year ago planning this incredible tournament. In that time Jay and Eric have spent countless hours working tremendously hard planning every detail and organizing this event on behalf of the club. Their dedication to organization and detail deserve nothing but a standing ovation! Thank you both for the work thus far! To Canadian Tire and sponsors of this event, Anglers from across Ontario, NY State and the volunteering club members. THANK YOU! None of this could be possible without your trust and support! We hope you enjoy this experience. As tournament anglers we're all to familiar as to what October and Lake Erie means! Let pray to the wind gods that they be kind enough to let us play and enjoy the big weights Erie has to offer. See you all next weekend! Kevin MacDonald President-St.Catharines Bassmasters
  5. Our April meeting will be held this coming Monday the 13th at 7:00pm. Dom's Pasta and Grill located at 22 Academy St. Downtown St.Catharines. All meeting are open to the public! No need to be a member to come listen to our guest speakers! Our guest speaker will be be one of Ontario's premier bass anglers Derek Strub .Derek will be speaking on what's new with Minn Kota/Humminbird as well as Shimano, Jackall and G-Loomis. He will be showing off the new Shimano Zodias and G-Loomis E6X rods as well. He will also be bringing a new humminbird ONIX to demo. A Q&A session will follow his presentation so please come prepared with some challenging questions We hope to see you there to show your support in order to continue attracting and warranting bringing out such high caliber guest speakers.
  6. Conservation Announcement: "We are very proud to announce that the St.Catharines Bassmasters have officially banned the use of piercing culling clips and piercing blance beams in all of their tournaments. Big thanks to all our members for bringing up this initiative and supporting its implementation ." Terry Monaghan, St.Catharines Bassmasters Conservation Director.
  7. Great tourney! Amazing weights for the River. Just think of the weight if we had the chance to fish Erie!! Congrats to all the winners! Well done by all.
  8. This tournament is open to ALL ANGLERS and is a great chance to fish against some of the best smallmouth anglers in the area! There should be some huge weights being weighed in at this time of year!! I can't wait!! Don't miss out! Anybody wishing to volunteer to help out please post here!
  9. My name is Kevin MacDonald. I've worked at Brock for 27 yrs. I'm a baker in the Market Caf. I'm the president of the St.Catharines Bassmasters. Starting Sept. I'll be there Mon-Fri. Until 11:00am! Look me up and introduce yourself. I'll be glad to help you out.
  10. Anything "new videos" you are seeing are of bass being caught in NY State waters! Their bass season is different then in Canada. Example: on the upper Niagara River NY State side bass are open but Catch and Release ONLY and as of early May on Erie again NY State side they have a trophy season where you can Keep one bass over 20". In club tournaments our 20" fish if caught are weighed and realeased.
  11. My buddy and may have been the ones you seen with the bonus walleye. We were there all day.
  12. Word came from a couple of Niagara members that there was non Jr. Club in the works at all!! So it is a fair statement. It would be great if you had one.
  13. Hamilton Bassmasters has a jr. club and St.Cathatines Bassmasters is trying to start one this year! Niagara does not have one! Stay tuned.
  14. 3 were trout the fourth I'm not sure. Winner was fishing behind Legion at the start of the green bridge!
  15. Good turn out despite the weather. The fishing was tough. Only 3-4 fish were measured! Incredible prizes were handed out with the grand prize being valued at almost $500.00. The winning fish was a 51cm trout!!Great job by the organizers and thanks to the volunteers!
  16. St.Catharines doesn't fish every other weekend and never said we did! I know a lot of guys that fish SLA tournaments including some of our members. Both clubs fish about the same # of tournaments per year! If you wish not to belong to a bass club...fine. Please stop trying to influence other people with false information.
  17. We have some great fishing clubs that fish waters between Hamilton and Niagara Falls! The three closest B.A.S.S. OBN clubs, St.Catharines, Niagara Falls and Hamilton as well as clubs like the SLA and others.. Are a great way to make new friends and learn from some great anglers! You will find were more then just fishing! As was said before! You get out of it what you put into it! Do your home work and I'm sure you will be surprised as to what's out there and what you can learn from the above mentioned!
  18. St.Catharines club tournaments are $30.00 entry fee plus a SET NON BOATER FEE of between $35.00-70.00 per tournament depending on distance traveled. MOST ARE $40.00 range. A CLUB TOURNAMENT WILL COST IN TOTAL $70-$100 per. NOT A COUPLE HUNDRED!
  19. Pm me for bass club info. For St.Cathatines Bassmasters. I'll fill you in. We're all about education. We have some of the top anglers in the region (with cedentials to back it up) that you will learn from.
  20. Pm me. He is speaking at our club meeting Mon. Feb. 10th
  21. Always a great tournament! Been there from the start of it all! Wouldn't miss it! See you all there!
  22. Glad to hear you got into some smallies!
  23. You can launch out of Crystal Beach! $5 for parking launch is free. Try shallow with jerk baits or go deeper 20-30fow And use tube jigs or dropshot! Follow the contour lines. There are a ton of bass to be caught! As far as GPS points!! You won't get any here! PM me if you need more info.
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