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Why worry about ARA's?

Dan Andrews

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Go to marineland there is lots of Inbread Albino African Deer. I think it has something to do with inbreading!

Well , cuz awol (all white ones lord) :rolleyes: ......better check way back to yer great granny & grampa to see where them white genes got started...... <_<

While puttering in the garage today I heard Kevin Strooband , director of the SCHS talking about how pleased he was about the new laws coming into effect on animal cruelty ,where there is now a lifetime ban , and up to $10,000 in fines for abusing animals . He & another fellow (Todd Menard) are the guys who saved my present dog from starvation & the guy got fined $2500 .....As we know the HS are anti hunting so we also have to be careful to obey hunting regs. & not cause uneccessary suffering to animals we hunt for food......

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