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Designed a new lure. Patent pending

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I hate to tell you this, but tbh ive seen it before.

Of course I could not be the first to come up with this idea,

as already mentioned in post #13.

But no one has put it in a commercial format as I have :tease:


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Dark Edge, you looking for a tea spoon, soup spoon or table spoon size lure :roflblack:

As RichieWalleye suggested, if you use the silverware, it would probably go unnoticed ^_^

Lol that was amazing i had a good laugh

Total reason for the post. I knew people would have a good laugh :D


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Thanks for the chuckle! Maybe I should give that a try, all those fancy store bought lures didn't work a damn for me this season! Maybe try tipping off the hook with a piece of hotdog, fish won't suspect a serious threat!

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14 minutes ago, knightfisher said:

Holy moly smerch, have you used any of these. If so, any success....

Not yet Dan ....   sometimes I  check a lures action in the old swirling toilet bowl  to see if it runs properly ....only caught a log perch so far.....


I'm positive those key lures would catch walleye through the ice at Quinte . We caught many on cheap brightly coloured C.T. lures ....with a nice lively pond chub on the trebles .  They will be ice tested soon ......I hope !!  

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