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Kamaniskeg Lake

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Been there a few times fishing Negeek Lk, sections of the Madawaska and small creeks in the area (by Crooked Slide Park). Had a ton of fun, only had a canoe and small aluminum so we didn't spend any time in the big lake but the fishing was great.... Conroy's Marsh is a good spot, ask anyone in Combermere where it is. We rent a cottage in Combermere, about 20min S of Barry's Bay, right on Negeek Lk - nice spot. As far as fish, we've caught everything.... panfish, LM bass, pike, waleye, SM bass. Did alot of fishing from shore along the Madawaska River below the OPG dam (Palmer Rd. off the 62 to Dam Rd. and hang a right.... follow to the dam and start hiking). Good luck and have fun.... BTW, if you're in Combermere and you need wireless internet head to the Mayflower Cafe and grab a Maple Coffee - best coffee EVER!!!

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Photobucket works, take the direct link, and copy it into post, works for me.

Fished that lake a few times, but now I only head as far as Bancroft area, as the fishing is excellent there as well.

As for the Big Lake, tons of Smallies, just chucking rapalas and small spinnerbaits towards shore, at any underwater structure you see (rocks, logs, docks, etc.) easy 50 fish days with 1 1/2- 3 lb'ers common. Just have someone in the back driving keeping you 60-75 offshore, and follow the shoreline casting as you go.

Only fair way for my friends and I is to switch drivers every 15 minutes or so lol, but we're just using 14ft aluminum rentals, if you got trolling motors and stuff, all the better.

Lotsa pike in the narrow bulrushy areas NE if you find the area youll know it, as for walleyes, under the bridge in Combermere is pretty good. Just drop a jig tipped with a minnow, and drag it as you drift. lotsa "eating size" fish.

Watch out for the sunken Mayflower.

Theres also lots of Ling in there that get no love except in the winter, find the deepest spots in the lake you can, drop some dead bait, and sit back and relax. They'll come to you.

Youll catch fish if you know what youre doing at all

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So where do you link pics from? Picasa and Photobucket both won't work.... won't let me link to pics....

On photobucket there are 3 different link lines with each pic. You need to copy and paste the bottom link.

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We are thinking of fishing this lake this summer and am wondering if anyone has fished it before. I think the nearest town is Barrys Bay, also close to Bancroft.

I'm not lookin for hotspots, just wondering if fishing is slow or good. Walleye? Bass?

Thanks in advance

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