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Anyone here reload their own shells? I was curious if there is a significant cost savings. I am starting to shoot clays and thought reloading would be an interesting way to keep costs down and learn something new at the same time. And shells can be pricey. I just bought a box of shells in BB high velocity for geese and they cost almost a buck a round.

If anyone could recommend a good book on the subject or point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.


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I used to reload alot when we could shoot lead for waterfowl,the go to book for me was the Lyman shotshell handbook 3rd edition.I hope this helps. I used to save quite a bit of money back then .I don;t know the cost of the components now . Pm me if you wish .

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Unfortunately with the price of shot you aren't going to save any money by reloading for clays. The last time I stocked up on supplies for shot it worked out to $4.60 a box before tax. When you can buy boxes of target load for $5-6 a box and then figure in the price of a press, scale and the other goodies you will want for reloading it just doesn't make sense.

Where is does make sense is for 410 or steel, but again, you would have to shoot and reload a lot to offset the price of the equipment. I have enough supplies to reload a ton of target loads but for now I just sit on them waiting for a rainy day and go buy factory target loads.

As roly mentioned, the Lyman book is your bible of shotgun reloading.

Here's a quick breakdown of the price according to Hummason prices:

Hull's - Free

Primers - $45 per thousand - 4.5 cents per shell

Powder - Reddot @ $127 per 8lb - ~20 grns per shell - 4.5 cents per shell

Wads - Claybuster WAA12 $17.95 per thousand - 1.8 cents per shell

Shot - $40 per 25lb bag - Assuming 1oz loads - 10 cents per shell

That works out to 21 cents per shell which is about $5.25 per box. Throw in a MEC SizeMaster @ $275, a decent scale starting at $100 and all of a sudden $54.99 or $59.99 per flat of factory target ammo isn't all that bad.


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I agree... Been reloading 12 ga. since mid 70's and for trap it isn't worth it even if you have the reloading equipment. Plus for any competition reloads are a no no. I still reload shotgun for custom hunting loads, e.g turkey, upland game, bunnies to suit the hunting conditions and what my guns like best. Steel may be a reason to reload but only for shooting a lot at waterfowl and/or practicing with steel for waterfowl hunting.

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I agree with the above. Reloading can no longer be looked at as a means of saving money.

You almost need to treat is as a hobby that you enjoy doing.

Playing with different loads to achieve better pattens or tighter groups or more black dust when you smoke a clay

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As others have said, you don't save enough money any more to justify doing it.

Instead price shop for the best deals.

My friend buys in case lots when someone has a sale on.

Last time we went to Bass Pro in Vaughn he downloaded a flyer from Al Flaherty that had a case lot sale price on Winchester AAs

then made Bass Pro price match it$57 for 10 boxes).

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