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Go Pro - Floatfishing

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Here's some footage from a couple outings in the fall. Didn't film much with the Go Pro unfortunately.. So I missed a lot of good days. But here's what I got when I did turn it on.

Hope you enjoy.

Thanks, Andrew.

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Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it.

I'll try Cliff. Hopefully have the camera out a lot more come spring.

I don't always put my favourite songs on the videos lol but once and a while fit them in some how. The dirty heads are awesome though. Glad you liked it.

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Daler - I have the Hero 3 Silver edition. I'm not too sure on how long it runs on continuous filming tbh. Maybe an hour? That's just a guess. I have 2 batteries. The batteries are around $20 and worth buying extra.

Jimmyv- setting up and worrying about the camera can be somewhat of a hastle especially when all you want to do is have your line in the water. Because of that I missed some amazing days this year lol.. But you can learn a lot from it. Seeing what you were doing when those fish hit.. Example in that last video, most fish came shortly after a couple jigs. I might only remember the float dropping and a hookset/fight afterwards. Not what I was doing that triggered the bite.

Thanks again for watching and the kind words.

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