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Minimum Boat Size For The Niagara River.

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I'm looking to buy a boat in the next month or two. Something 14-18' aluminum with a 20-50 horse power motor. Looking to spend around $ 2-5000 What is roughly the minimum size you would need to power through the niagara current? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone have a boat for sale let me know. Thanks

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Tyler...i have a 14 footer (deeper hull with centre console) and a 25hp. Never had a problem on the upper river. I venture on erie occasionaely when the weather/ wind allows. I have never fished the lower so i have no comment.

Before I bought my boat, I hired a guide (Paul at Cast Adventures) to fish the upper and erie to get a first hand view and feel for the water.

If you go with a 14 footer....seriously look at a deeper hull boat. Will give you the extra comfort, stability and confidence.


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It depends on what you fish for...

I have a 14ft deep v with a twenty and it works fine for both the upper and the lower... I'm not going anywhere near Devils hole.

I would go larger and include a bow mounted trolling motor on my next go around...

Set yer budget a wee bit higher...

16ft 40hp bow mounted trolling motor.

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On the Upper River, that is fine. It will allow to navigate the smaller tribs and even Erie on the good days. Mr.Plummer is right in saying a deep hull and a bow mount troller is a good idea. Don't for get to leave a little in the budget for a GPS/fish finder.

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Don't rush to buy 1 just to have it.Good deals to be had early spring & I would suggest you water test it or have a reliable person/shop do an inspection.It could run fine on muffs but have issues under load etc.. I rushed on my first 2 boats because I thought the deal would be gone & ended up way over budget by the time I did repairs that were hidden issues.If the outboard is iffy at all there is a few grand wasted.Good luck & be carefull

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