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Gopro - Pike Dreams

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Oh and Rile, no tape measure handy... I wish I had one because I'm curious. But between unhooking and taking pictures by then I just want to get them back in the water and let em go.. I know its no problem to measure, but the less I handle them the better off I feel aha.. I am very curious though.. and I wont even guess.

I have a cradle that is pretty handy as long as you are fishing with someone else, has measurement increments right on the side, can be done with the fish right in the water. Very safe on the fish, think it's made by lucky strike and was pretty inexpensive.

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I hope someone with an underwater camera can step up and help Andrew go have a look for the camera...maybe he'll buy you lunch or something. Battery might be dead but the camera should still be good. Those gopros are not cheap and it be a great gesture if anyone would mind helping him out.

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