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Musky From Shoreline!

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Musky fishing from shoreline in gribson and lake moody. So far were are off to a good start we have caught two musky a 40" and a 47" both released!! we have also had two follow are lures to shoreline one was definitely very large 50" fish which didnt leave shoreline for a while after she followed in but didnt take any further interest in are lures. we are using 2-6oz jerk baits and 8-10 inch double blade buck tails. I am looking for a extra fishing buddy to hit the water in search of these fish with me.it involves alot of hiking and the right equipment I have alot of spear time lately and I would like to continue to get out there to get more musky!! this is my 40" musky from this season image5_zpsf435db6d.jpeg

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Holy crap! That's so awesome dude I fish there every now and then never caught something like that. I've heard of people catching them that's great to see! Very good job.

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Please anyone that is new to fishing or is not educated with musky please take the time to learn the difference between muskie and pike! you can learn the difference at this link http://www.muskiescanada.ca/general_information/ktd.php

and to learn there size limit for keeping a fish visit this page and view zone 16,19,20 http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/LetsFish/Publication/STEL02_163615.html

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