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Lake St Clair Sunday

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Ended up finally getting out to lake St Clair for the musky trip with my brother, girlfriends dad and uncle out significant others had gotten for us for our birthdays last year, two failed dates due to weather and this one was up in the air till the day before too!

at the boat for 7:30am and off we went in a nice comfy 30' fiberglass.


We got out to the mouth of the channel, and loads of floating debris was in the water, logs branches, a 40' tree haha so we took it slow till we got past all that and once we reached our location the captain Terry started rigging up, all 12 rods!


It didn't take long before we were into some fish!

My brother


Girlfriends uncle


Girlfriends dad with the double header if you look back to the previous photo


And me!


We ended up with those 4 by 10am so I was obviously optimistic for more, but things ended up slowing down and we still did end up with more but I could tell Terry was getting frustrated as he was swapping out lures on each planer board and trying to nail down a pattern that wasn't really existent that day but kudos to him for trying!

Well we kept on at it and it paid off, not without some goof in a tinny almost driving into the planer board and telling us we were in the way when we were entering an area with a couple more boats on our right side, well Terry told him where to go and it was absolutely hilarious! not so much for the other boat LOL

Not long after that we got into some more fish!



I had 2 solid 40" fish and they were definitely close to the 20 pound mark, I thought I was gonna take home big fish of the day, but unfortunately for me the last one in the boat ended up being a brute at 48 3/4" and 32 pounds!



The head on it was massive!


All in all a very enjoyable day out on the water with rampage sports, 8 musky for a day is pretty good in my books, though Terry was a bit disappointed we didn't get more we all had a great time.

On the way home I ended up checking out their Facebook page and I shouldn't of, we had an available date of August 24th, now everyone but my brother was available but he was in Boston, ok we'll take the one in September we say, now I go to that August date and my jaw hit the floor, they landed 33 of 45 musky they hooked up with! never in my wildest dreams would I have ever expected to see that and I'm now secretly kicking my brother every time I see him haha.

Hope you enjoyed the read!


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Thanks for all the kind words everyone it was a blast, and yes 12 rods is a handful but he had no issues, basically he said we're in store to stare at his butt all day long, and we did! haha he was a tireless worker always doing something. and he used two of these, one per side off with heavy fluoro I think, it was multi coloured and thick


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Wow...fantastic trip. Looks like that birthday wait was well worth it. Some beauty looking fish, and yes that last ones a beast...very nice report...congrats!!!

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He used planner boards on masts. That takes some ballz running 12 rods, respect that guide. And getting over 30 that other day is remarkable.

yeah 12 rods was nuts, he can actually do more based on occupancy obviously, us having 6 our max was 12, but he has more clamps available for more rods lol just insane

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