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Binbrook Fee Schedule Day Use Rates (operating season May 18 – October 8, 2012

Car & Driver $5.25

Adults $4.25

Seniors & Students $3.25

Maximum fee per car $16.00

Per car when gate not attended $3.50

Bus (over 20 passengers) $79.10

Membership Pass $79.10

Seniors Membership Pass $60.00 plus tax

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I was unaware of the dropbox... Does anyone know where it is located? ANyways @Ketchican Kid the water is sectioned off and you are only allowed to ice fish in a small section of the lake. Lake is full of crappie, try the drop-offs by the point across from the boat launch, that's where I usually start, and work my way out deeper if no luck. Can be a really great day or slow depending on what the fish are feeling lol. Marked tons of fish yesterday just couldn't entice them.

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Fished it many times. Waters as clean as martindale and the crappie r more finicky.

ummm...not really. ironically, they uncovered the level of contamination in binbrook because they assumed it was clean and wanted to use it as a clean sample for other testing elsewhere.


long story short, check the eating guidelines very carefully or, if you don't want to wait around for the cumulative effects to poison you then just grab an extinguisher off the wall at work and drink that down.


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Just wondering are you just C&C or keep the fish for supper.

I keep the fish there a few year back, but since the lake contaminated with some chemical from the airport last time, I never keep the fish from there.

So is that now will be clean and we can eat the fish like before or still not.

Thanks for any advice

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Usually, I don't bring any from binbrook to the table.

But before a lot of people fish there and bring it home for table.

Last time I fish there on kayak, and meet other angler. He mention only 1 fish for a month if fish catch from binbrook.

That why I was wondering.

I'm not the person to bring the fish to table, always do C & C.

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most interesting question of all is, where did the mnr get its data with regards to binbrook if in all its previous eating guides (including the year the true toxicity was announced-not discovered but announced-as they knew about it many months before they even announced it) the guidelines were all roses-and-sunshine? shouldn't a reasonable schedule of testing have turned this up before some outsiders found it out and then reset the eating guidelines accordingly? and what level of confidence does that instill for other waters and their eating guidelines?

just saying...

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