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Western Trip Advice


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Hey guys

In August I am headed out to Vancouver for a wedding. Having never beek there, of course I will want to explore with some fishing. Here is the trip plan so far

- Fly to Calgary

- Explore the area between Calgary and Vancouver for a week, hopefully do some fishing. (Maybe a guided trip on the bow river?)

- after all that aboard the Alaskan Cruise Ship

-Stop in juneau and will book a fly in fly fishing trip (can't wait)

-Also making stops in Ketchikan and Skagway.

ANYWAYS, got some questions.

1) Where would be some good areas to stop along the way to vancouver to fish that is easily accessible? I will have my 5wt rod along with hip waders.

2) I have a day in each port (Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan) Juneau I have already looked after. I don't have enough money to blow on guides in each port and I'm in each port for a full day. Does anyone know if there is any decent fishing I can get to by foot from those towns?

3) I'm assuming the airport will give me trouble about bringing flies on the plane. Anyone had experience with this?

Thanks guys I'm extremely excited for the summer ahead! I'll get some great opportunities to fish some areas and for some fish that I have never had the chance to! :D

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you can go below Calgary on the bow fish from shore. hit the tackle shops they will point you in the right direction.. float trip on the bow is awesome. then try the frazer river for sturgeon. bent rods charters. worth the money.in Alaska if you want to have fun go halibut fishing.

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The pinks will be running in ketchican. There is a nearby shop which rents rods (at least they did when i went on that cruise). Of course you would also need to get a 1-day licesnce. You will see guys shoulder to shoulder on the main bridge in town where the river meets the ocean and hundreds of salmon directly below. We used pink and purple hair jigs from that bait shop and got a mess of pinks in an hour.

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Hi Snaggy,

I can offer the following advice on South West Alberta :

First definitely book a float trip on The Bow below Calgary (even with in the city limits below 17th st. the fishing is excellent), lots of big browns and rainbows. The Bow can be fished from shore, but it’s a big river, and not very practical with hip waders. If you book a float trip please note that the guides will not let you fish out of the drift boats with cleats on your boots as it will ruin the fiberglass boat floor. Check out the guys at Country Pleasures Flyshop www.countrypleasures.com , they are a great crew.

For walk and wade fishing a must do is the Crowsnest River, fantastic easily accessible rainbow trout fishing.

If you’d like to try for Cutthroat trout the Livingston and Oldman drainages are easily accessible.

If you have chest waders, I would recommend bringing them, and as you will be in the mountains bring cold weather gear… you just may need it.

I have fished The Bow and SW Alberta along with the Elk River in SW BC for the last 15 years so please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like additional info.

You can bring 4 piece rods and reels on board the planes, but flies, hooks, pliers, etc., should be in your checked luggage.



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