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Lake Ontario Smallies


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Who else can't wait for bass to open??


I'm sitting here along the shore of Lake Ontario during my afternoon coffe break. The lake is flat calm and has me wishing I was out there in the kayak fishing for smallmouth! Bass Will be open soon! What are your favourite techniques for targeting smallmouth in Lake O? For me I think I would be tossing a spinnerbait along the rocks here or dragging a tube or drop shotting a little deeper out. What have you had success with?



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Can't wait, hope to put put a lot of time on the water this year.

For me on the upper river and Erie    A tube jig and a 4 inch wacky rig, when they are a little more active and the conditions are right spinnerbaits and jerk bait all day.

Might try Lake Ontario this year  

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Jerkbaits!  Best way to locate fish.  Rip it hard and work it fast with short pauses.  Throwing around rip-rap shorelines will produce.  Sand flats and shoals will also be a great place to look.  Stay small, but heavy enough to cast far, shallow water fish are skittish.  2" a 3.5" is good.  Flashy on sunny days and brights (whites and fluorescent colours) on overcast, windy days.  If there is wind, Jerkbaits will be amazing.

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