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How productive is your average outing for bass?


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On 7/15/2016 at 5:19 PM, RaedwulfFisher said:

I've always wondered what a good day is to other anglers..

How many fish would an average day yield for you and whats considered a good and bad day?

I mostly fish the Marlatts ponds for a few hours on an outing and if I manage 3 fish in that time that's a good day for me.

Though when I mostly go out fishing I really don't expect anything as I have more days that I don't catch anything than a day that I do..

which made me wonder...


whats an average day for you?

I think you have to ask "what is your average for the the season you are fishing".  Late summer with water temps at their peak will always be tough, and have been of late.  We had a mild winter and hot spring making water temps rise and turn fish off very quickly.  Peak times for bass start in late September when the water cools and the bass put on the feedbag until mid to late July.  Late July to early September are by far the hardest times to catch em.

Put the odds in your favor and fish high percentage summer spots.  I would stay away from ponds; Marlatts pond is peaking and probably full of algae and weeds making it tough. Target rivers and deep lakes instead.   Look for current, shade and deep cool water and find active fish.  Check the lower river for spots, from the Whirlpool all the way to Pebbly.   Also target your species accordingly: Smallies aren't real shallow right now, so from shore find deep spots.  Largies are more tolerant to warm water, but still seek shade under pads, in weeds and under docks.  Know what baits/techniques are best for tough summer bites; fast moving baits may not garner the bites like a slow falling jig right on a largies nose or a tiny finesse dropshot for a smallie.  Match the bait/lure with the type of prey that is highly available in peak summer.  Frogs, panfish and craws are all readily available and would likely be great starting points.  Try livebait, nothing can resist livebait. (Check regs for legalities)  Night time topwater fishing in largie water is another great option.

Personally, I think you can set the bar higher for yourself and expect to catch at least one fish every outing and you will be able to increase that average quite a bit.  Fishing isn't rocket science...its biology.  Learn how a fish travels during each season and find out what water temps and conditions they prefer during each season.  Research the heck out of summer bass fishing from shore and you should be able to increase your catch rates.  Keep a fishing log/journal and note things like weather conditions, water conditions and depth, lure/technique, date and body of water.  Chances are you just aren't where the fish are during a particular season.  

Hopefully you can increase your catch rates.  My average in the summer varies depending on species (SM or LM), but you should be able to get at least 1 an hour.  In the fall, I would say 3-6 an hour would be realistic.

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On 2016-07-20 at 4:27 PM, Dave said:

Just a reminder guys the Paris to Brantford section of the Grand (Exceptional waters) is a catch and release zone only, also barbless hooks are required.It is mind boggling the number of people that don't know these regulations....

Absolutely right Dave, Bean Park to Brant park is part of the exceptional waters and is single barbless hooks/no live bait zone with all fish C&R. Ive been using the barbless competition hooks and have had just as much success with them with very easy release and saves pinching barbs. A barb is not concidered pinched if you can put it through a towel and it catches thread coming out.

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On 2016-07-19 at 10:24 AM, schnipster said:

dave plan to take me out opn that rig of yours...in return i will show ya how to land trophy bass..hahahah

Not a problem, your just not bringing 12 rods along. Pick one. Its $400 full day....lol. Tips are appreciated...lol  We need to get a warm up session for the Thames so txt me and we can set something up.

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