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New fishing buddy


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Congrats on your 2nd boy, I also have two sons, couldn't wait for them to join me fishing and camping but the time came and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now they are in their mid 30's and each have two kids of their own, time sure flies.  Now it is time to do it all over again :D









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Nice catch WC ..... 7 - 11  is a healthy weight  ......So now ,  you need to have 2 girls .....one to clean the fish & one to cook them .  :D

As RGR said ..."time flies" !!  I can't believe how fast our grand kids grew up and now , 3 of them have kids !

Congrats to both of you ......and I'm sure your son will be happy to have a fishing partner soon .

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6 minutes ago, Brian_b said:

Nice WC. Congrats on your next bundle of joy. 

My wife and I had our first child last Friday. A baby boy as well. 

Well , congrats to you and your wife as well . I sold my truck today to a new neighbour who wanted a truck with a back seat for his baby boy who is still hanging about inside mommy for a few more weeks lol .  We have been hearing about many boys being born lately ......our last two great grandkids are boys as well .

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