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First week of shotgun

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How did everyone do on the first week of shotgun?  I have a tag for the second week. Went out scouting the place we are hunting last night, saw one huge buck about 100 yards out. Seemed to be coming to see what the noise was, then bolted when it saw us. Can wait!

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Three of us hunted last week Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday and came up empty, first time in a long time. The deer just weren't moving, and camera only showed night activity.

I think with the long hot summer the rut activity might be off by a week or two this year, same with moose. Hopefully they will turn on for you guys for the second week! Will have to get out with the crossbow shortly. 

Will be heading down this weekend for the New York opener, hopefully an extra week will make a difference!

Good luck guys!

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Guest brookie slayer

The rut has been on for the last ten days where I am ... At least pre rut anyway....been seeing 2 beautiful bucks chasing does the past week...had a chance to shoot at a nice 10 point buck but was just out of range..didn't want to take the chance on such a beautiful animal.....was out Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday and witnessed multiple deer and some big bucks despite the heavy winds...Lotta activity the past 2 weeks in my area... having said all that I never fired the gun....lol

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