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How to Catch Shad?

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I noticed a school of them sitting below me one day while fishing off a rock ledge.

I tried everything, Tried a small piece of worm on a small hook and nothing. I pulled a really wiggly worm right under them and nothing. I tried floating a fly over them and nothing. 

In my opinion, Dave524 has the best option, use a dip net. 

Or maybe a stick of dynamite    :blink:

just kidding of course   :P

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Don't forget cast nets are illegal our area, seen the "white bucket brigade" using them at queenston last spring ,netting bass from the rocks off the boat launch ,told them there not allowed to use cast nets ,acted like they didn't understand me ,they still put multiple bass in there bucket,then they get in there car with a REMAX advertisement on his rear windshield,  "Mario chan" so I called MNR ,along with other people, hopefully they did something !

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I remember reading in the Regs that cast nets were illegal in Ontario. Did a quick read thru the 2017 Regs last night and didn't see anything about them being illegal this year. Maybe a change in the Regs. 


I actually put in my previous post that they were illegal in Ontario but edited that part out when I didn't find anything in this year's regs. I very likely might have missed it though.

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According to this page , they say only dip nets and live traps can be used ......They could have mentioned cast nets are illegal .....(cutbacks -saving ink) ?



How to catch baitfish

Only resident anglers can capture baitfish. You can use a dip net or baitfish trap to catch baitfish anywhere in Ontario except in Algonquin Park.

...side note.....put a wire barrel trap in my bud's pond for 30 minutes with some "wonder" bread inside....caught 119 chubs  B)

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