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Which style of Yak??

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I would like to get into kayak fishing. What style is best for this old man?? Sit in or sit on?? I would use it in creeks and small lakes up North. Thanks........................Daniel

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Hey Boogaloo,

As you'll probably see, most folks use a sit on top for fishing, but there are some who still prefer a sit inside. Consider a few things when deciding what's best for you;

- Are you planning on using it in colder months? If so, a sit inside will be a dryer ride, and allows the use of a sprayskirt.

- Are you planning on paddling it for fun as well as fishing? Generally speaking (there's always exceptions) a sit inside will paddle more efficiently than a sit on top.

- Do you want maximum stability and/or the ability to stand up? Sit on top all the way here.

- Do you want to be able to outfit it with lots of accessories? Typically the sit on tops will be better here too.

We sell lots of kayaks and have a bit of everything so if you have a chance stop in and see us and we can show you what's available and are always happy to pull boats out/down from our racks to check out and sit in/on. If you're coming in ask for myself or "BR" as we're the two who have the most experience with all the models.


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Generally, a sit on top is more stable, has more storage space for gear and is easier to get in and out of. Sit-ins are lighter, more nimble and paddle easier.  I fished out of a 9.5 foot sit-in for over a decade before upgrading to a sit on top about 4 years ago. If you're wanting to fish out of it I'd strongly suggest a sit on top. They are generally more comfortable which would allow you more time to fish. 

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Im a big fan of my sit on top for fishing. Super stable and tons of storage. Downside is you tend to get a little wet in choppy water, definitely not pleasant in cold water. Also, at 6'8 tall, it' the only option I have for vast amounts of leg room! 

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