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Another Fishing Report - Seriously this is a lot of fishing reports for this site


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Got out Saturday and today ... no fish today ... Saturday I got a few.  Using the 12 foot maddragon rod would definitely make landing fish on your own a challenging task.

Saturday had two landed, one missed hookset, and had one line sawed off (probably on zebra mussels).

An action shot


Fish one, or maybe it was two


Fish two, or maybe it was one ...


Tossing my spinnerbaits around ... no pike this go round.

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WTG Snags . Using a 12' rod helps keep the line away from rocky drop offs but can be a challenge landing fish solo .

I find it easier to set the butt end of the rod firmly on the ground ,slightly behind me at 90 degrees (approx) with only about 12' of line & have the net on a 39* angle. The carp usually cruise right into the net . ...then the thrashing begins......my slacks are all nicely slimed and splattered with mud & algae when I'm done ....and THAT is the mark of success !  :Gonefishing:.


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