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While using my 20 + year old 5" vice today I over extended my human strength and busted the vice !  (The smerch still has it !! )  Can't remember how much my wife paid for it at Can.Tire , but my mind was rattling trying to recall seeing it on sale at CT this week  which is less than 1 km.from home & found them on sale for $60 ,reg $100 + gst . The guy told me to bring the old one in as it has a lifetime warranty . Got me a new one for $ 000.00 and NO TAX  :wub:

Now....what can I buy for $113.00  ?   ;)   ....should I tell the my better half I got it for free ??  :santa: .....she doesn't read nfn......:pardon:

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I agree...hiding stuff from the wife is not a good thing. A little optical illusion sometimes works with a few added white lies, but they are brilliant mind readers...:rolleyes:

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1 hour ago, Tyler0420 said:

I say spend the money on fishing stuff then tell her hahahaha.  

As you get older with a few more decades of marriage , you will realize that the women folk never forget a thing ......beware !  :tease:

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