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New Niagara underwater video

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1 hour ago, Ven-Pisc-ator said:

Nice Vid.  It helps in understanding fish, as most did not dart away when approached, they seem to sense you were not a predator.

What were the lines in the water?



That's the line to our float and flag. It's a necessary safety precaution in a river that sees a good amount of boat traffic. 


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22 hours ago, Snags said:

Ever tried to bring worms down to see if the bass or the walleye would take them from your hand?


Awesome video work.

Thank you. They won't take right from your hand.  You can float them to them. Haven't intentionally fed them in years. A few years back, I had a bass that would follow me the entire time I was in the water if i was anywhere near his area. He had learned that we would spook gobies when we came through. Easy eats. We even named him. He was a beat up old fish, easy to I.D. At the time, I thought he was a giant pain in the butt. An ugly bass photobombing all my shots. Now, I kind of miss him.

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