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So I bought myself a fly fishing outfit about a month ago and I have been mainly hitting Lake Gibson for panfish with a dry fly. I have never caught a  fish with any other kind of fly but I have them. I have some wooly buggers and random flies that I don't know the name of. I want to start catching bass in the grand river but I don't know where to go and fish for bass there and what flies I should be using there. I have a 5wt 9ft rod and I also have waders so going in the water is no problem to me. I was thinking to go by the Belwood Lake Conservation Area below the dam and fish but I have no idea if that is a good idea. any help would be greatly appreciated. I am also a complete newbie so any tips are appreciated as well.

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Pick up a copy of "Fishing Ontario’s Grand River Country" https://www.amazon.ca/Fishing-Ontarios-Grand-River-Country/dp/1552774686  it's a great book with tons of information. I like the stretch between Paris and Brantford for Smallmouth, but they are prety much every where once you get below the brown trout section around Elora. https://www.grandriver.ca/en/outdoor-recreation/resources/Documents/FishingTheGrand-2015.pdf .


Crayfish patterns and dark coloured wooly buggers work well, you can always add split shot 6-12" above your fly to help it get down in the deeper holes.

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The grand between Bellwood lake and West Montrose is brown trout, single barbless hook C&R. The Grand between Paris and Brant park pedestrian bridge is also single barbless hook C& R. Having said that, the grand has been fishing poorly this year for bass. The ice jam this past winter and low warm waters have made the fishing poor. There is plenty of Bass in the grand from Kitchener all the way to Brant Park. Crayfish patterns and anything white are productive. Glenn Morris area can be really good for Bass, but again this year has been tough. If you want to have a day of fun, to practice your casting and hook some big trout...Lyndon Trout pond in New Dundee has some monster trout in it. For $35 you can fish all day barbless hook C&R. Blobs and boobie flies at the pond will have your arms worn out in no time....a great place for kids and for sure your hooking huge trout, just don't buy the fish very expensive. No fishing license needed there either. Steelhead will be soon arriving in the grand lower between Paris and Brant Part, that's another option. Hopefully the grand responds better next year, but like I said this year has been poor with huge weed growth..almost weeds every cast. 

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