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I have 2 vehicles that get the oiled every 2nd year ....one this year , one next year . We don't drive much ....much less in the winter  , about 5 k per year . I have been going to Krown which "they" say is the best , but last year I went to Sharps Auto , just around the corner  .....seems like they did a good job and it didn't drip as much ....and smells nice too . 

We used to drive our cars down stone roads that were heavily oiled with oil puddles all over to get the bottom soaked with black oil ....then wash the body off with Varsol or coal oil . It was FREE ! 🤑


Large vehicles cost average about $140 . plus tax  . I'll probably stick with Sharp's .....conveniently close , same  price and they say it's better stuff than Krown .


Some say to oil in the spring ....some say the fall .....  I like the fall to help repel the salt better ...... What do you guys like best ?   

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20 minutes ago, shoemaker said:

Crown believer. 11 yr old Silverado with over 300k.. one small bit of rust on tailgate right beside bezel for latch. Other then that ,mint. Fall for me as well

My Astro is 22  now (can drink alcohol) ......no rust anywhere on the body , under doors  or fenders . I would like to keep it as long as I can drive . (30 yrs)   B)

The G6 is now 13  just getting into puberty ......   Hope she can match the Astro .....not looking to buy another vehicle for many more years ...hence the oil spray .

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