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grand river caledonia

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Guest Jeetmuck

Hey Geotech,

I haven't fished the Grand much at all this summer but my buddy is there at least once a week and he has been doing well with smallies down river from the bridge in Caledonia. Early in the spring, it was good for walleye but the last time I went in late June, they had a bit of lock jaw. There are some real good spots near York and at the mouth of Big Creek. Just look for the holes to fish and watch your step as I ended up filling my waders a couple of times... :lol:

With fall coming, I plan on getting out there a bit more for the Bows at the dam, that is always fun but the crowds get a bit much on weekends though, just float roe and small spinners and watch out for the snags, I have lost my fair share there.

Good luck.

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I was there 2 weeks ago....caught a few catfish, a bass and several moon eye. Saw a nice big and slender rianbow caught there to right at the dam. Surprised me that it would be there this early. Depends on how close you are to caledonia. Pm me if you are going and I will direct you to a decent spot to float fish.

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Guest irongimp

I was there on monday and got 2 nice sized bass at the dam and a small catfish. Worked my way down river and got about 25 small bass between the two of us totaling maybe 6 pounds if we kept them.

Could not keep the small ones off the line.

All in all, a fun day!

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Guest FisherNick

I was at the damn earlier today. Got three decent cats (11/2 - 3 lbs) and a bunch of small sheep head.

Floated worms, I normally float minnows and do well but thought id switch it up today due to the rain fall.

Its not bad but if your coming from far then id wait until the steelhead are fully in...


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