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Finally got my van back after 10 days in the shop ...rear hatch lock works great now !  So I took advantage of the warm spell to snoop around Port . I went to the east side where people go to observe the west side work and relax ,....and toss a line in ....but the whole works is now shut down from the boat club to the lakefront as it's filled with heavy equipment ready to fix the east wall . ....very few spots to fish on the east side as there is no place to park now.  Water has cleared up a little , about 12"  vis.....

I checked out the west side and there's a mountain of huge boulders & tree stumps etc. and the condo project has begun .....


This shot taken  beside the new pavilion looking east across the harbour .....super busy down there ! 





Port Harbour.jpg

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2 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

whens this pier project suppose to be done?

By late spring the west pier should be open but limited parking at the carousel . The rest of the west side will be busy for months to come to build the condo buildings where the legion was.....

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Well with any luck the melt will be less this year.  I wonder if we will get hit hard in the early spring again and then get a fast warm spell. I think that's what caused some of the problems last year...  I have heard that Erie is higher than seasonal average right now as well

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6 hours ago, FishingDayz said:

Lets just hope the water level doesn't rise like last year. that is the worst I have ever seen it.  Made for some interesting launching


As much as they want to blame global warming or whatever the environmental phrase of the week is ... the water levels are controllable in Lake Ontario and they just need to manage how much water is put out by the St Lawrence river.  Word came out two years ago (when water levels were too high) that they did not drop Lake Ontario to the level they normally should.


Much like the flooding that happened in north St. Catharines this summer ... sure we had plenty of rain, but the city chose to blame it on "climate change" ... saw an article that has since been hidden or deleted where a worker failed to adjust a valve in the control room of one of the waste water plants and that caused the backups into hundreds of houses. 


End of the day, the different governments will blame lake levels on global warming/climate change and those of us who own will see our taxes go up through various different environmental fees they will screw us over with.

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With you all the way Snags !   I  still believe converting forestry to farm lands (like the Amazon) and paving over more land with housing , roads , malls , causes a lot of water that fed vegetation to go straight into the lakes via many very large cities . The "convenient truth"  about global warming is just another sham to grab more tax from our pockets !

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