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Rod size for Lead Core

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Hey all, 


Adding two new rods to my gear and want to set them up with lead core. I have been reading a lot with mixed opinions so I thought I would ask on here to see what is working.

What size rod are you using when trolling with lead core!!


So to answer some more specifics....  I'm targeting salmon, trout and walleye.  when i'm fishing salmon I usually am using 8'6 rods on my downriggers and dipsy's,  Two on each side of the boat.

Was thinking that when I have a couple buddies on board it would be nice to add an additional two rods.  So, your opinion, smaller rod? like a 6'6 medium heavy, or something similar to the 8'6. 


I want to be able to use this rod for multiple species as listed above.


Thanks for your opinions.

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I have been out with guys who will run all the same sized rods on the boat..the.8 footers would be more versatile for big fish....example you have 3 rods out on each side of the boat....then run inside rod on #1 setting....middle rod more line out #2 setting...outside rod more line out #3 setting on the dipsies for a 6 rod spread kind of deal and run for the day with little to no line tangles

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