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Trespassers on Jet Boat property

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Cops drive down there on a regular basis....the parks commission guys are there on a drive by a couple times a day......if everyone dots thier P's and crosses thier  Q's there shouldn't be much of a problem..biggest issues would be yahoos leaving a mess!!!!!...being disrespectful.....or doing anything destructive or going inside the big black fence.......you can walk behind the property no problem as it is designated as part of the original Bruce Trail....everyone should also thank the small group of "regulars" who are down there pretty much everyday....they are the ones "taking care of" the place and cleaning up after all the idiots on a daily even hourly basis...dead line...litter of all sorts...which is ridiculous because there is a trash can down there that the parks commission  empties on a regular basis..so there is no excuse for that!!!!!....those guys are doing that because they care about the resource and dont want any more of it taken away !!!!!! I have been down there an average of at least once a week since November and can tell you that a little respect goes a long way......dont take it for granted folks!!!! And this can be your reward...








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Someday the town might get tired of the trash and fishing line and shut the place down ....boaters only will become the norm . You can't fix stupid careless (care free) people .  Good on those guys for picking up the idiot trash and fishing line .


Nice catch of steel there Jack ....beautiful fish ! 

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I also go down there at least once a week with my fishing gear but I very seldom fish. I spend most of my time collecting trash and old line. You may see me there some time, I drive an older (2001) Tacoma. It is a sad sight down there at times..................................Daniel

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