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Found in Wainfleet...is this yours?

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7 minutes ago, smerchly said:

Is it now for sale or rent ? 

Would make a good fish clubber ...

"On sale"   2 for 1 .....

"Company"  for those "home alone"

Got a million of them .....   :)

Lots of options there smerch! I'm sure my buddy would either rent it out or sell it but due to health concerns the lucky bidder might have to pick it up directly and leave the money under a nearby rock. I suggested to my buddy that he should nail it to a tree under the no trespassing sign. If that doesn't scare the trespassers nothing will!


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3 minutes ago, smerchly said:

Does the label on it say " Mr.Bobbit"   ? 



I'd hang it from the tree and let it "swing"

A "Mr Bobbit Swing" we should patent that Smerch. You might have just invented a new improved toy. We could take it on Dragons Den! Make millions!

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Was there any oversized tire tracks and a really bad wafting scent of axe body spray...????maybe some redneck with the big blue dangly balls under the hitch from 10 years ago hit a bump and lost part of the suspension 🤠







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