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Anyone see this article about ramps being opened ?

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Niagara parks is drawing the hard line. Kawartha lakes open tomorrow, Grand river CA and Haldimand Norfolk are sticking to closure. Belle R opening up a little. Windsor not yet. it's a crap shoot. Most municipalities are taking their lead from Queen's park.

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28 minutes ago, marktheperchman said:

Only on the ramps where they DON'T make any money. All of their paid parking lots are open.

Kind of figures, but its ok you can go to homedepot. 

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All the worries about crowds...who "wants" to go fishing in a crowd anyhow..haha...I get that some areas are more popular than others..more populated ect... and therefore areas might be weary of a bunch of people all at once using a launch or swarming to an access point....heck I've been in fishing tourneys where 20 boats have gone in the water in a matter of a half hour ... start your boat...stage out in the water so the next guy can go kind of thing...seasoned boaters can all do this no probs.....if you can wait in line right now to get in the beer store...I'm sure you can have the patience to wait for a boat to go in the water.....dont biatch at the guy in front of you....have all your crap ready to go in the boat.(surely if you been complaining about how bad you need to go out you must have everything and 100 other things you dont need packed on the boat by now)..including anyone coming along with you..minus the guy parking the trailer....boat all warmed up...soon as that guy jumps aboard...get out of the way for the next boat!!!!...do your last minute farting around in the water..not the ramp or parking area...and dont make it your Maiden voyage" so to speak for the year...make sure you boat starts and runs good before you lea e the house!!!!!!!..whether it's a 14 foot thinner with 9.9 on it or you got a $100 thousand into a bass boat truck combo...dont be a vinegar based feminine hygiene product about it!!!!...we are social beings..but that dont mean you cant holler over to billy Bob and Jethro with your "outdoor voice "....after all ....you been sitting around belly aching about getting outdoors in the first place....by now I'm sure some are already used to yelling at thier kids for 2 months..or your own ears are used to it from the wife and or husband yelling at you...haha...so.......as for marinas...I can see that being treated the same way as a trailer park...let's face it..lots of boats just sit in the water while the owners treat it like a weekend camp and party spot...get hammed...sleep on the boat half the summer ect...if everyone is itching so bad to get a boat into your slip...then simple....dont congregate on the banks....grass...beach..docks ect.....quit twisting up your panties in your teeth....go sit and stay in the freekin boat...and yell over to Joe schmoe you haven't seen since last summer....bring cans and toss the beer over.....haha




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