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Boat Lauches Can Open

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16 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

Looks like smoke smerch. Glad I wasn’t fishing during that. 

It looks like it's one of those years when those bugs come out in huge swarms . Good thing they don't bite like black flies . I think the proper name for them is "midge"  . I have seen them before near Port Dalhousie , seems they like to be near the lake .

  T.O. has them as well........   probably beneficial to feed small fish ......



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Thank god we can get the boats wet now!! But I think we’d all be smart to be more careful now that they’re easing off on the restrictions. Last thing we want is to lose the opportunities we just got b

Got out on the lower this morning..blockade was off to the side at queenston..mine was first boat down there but there ..was 4 shore anglers there,time 05:30. Nailed two lakers(20 lbs each) and an eye

Interesting , what I’ve read here. I put my boat in at Chippewa,was very well run. 

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The queenston thing I can see being closed for a while due to the swarm of idiots who litter the banks with all thier funky smelt gear....mess left behind and trespassing....here in my own back yard there was a family yesterday with thier kids playing on the barricaded off with snow fence playground..and ample signage saying it is closed....which they must have lifted thier kids over to play on🤪it was 3 grownups and 4 kids 🤔....and a bunch of people playing baseball to whom I kept commenting at..yelling and playing my music super loud...as the diamond is right on the other side of the fence from me!!!...I did my best to make them uncomfortable about  it until they left 😯🤣

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2 hours ago, Jwl1 said:

playing my music super loud.

 Playing super loud "heavy music" to the younger set might turn them on Jack !  Or did you break out the guitar and play some Hendricks tunes ?    Maybe you should have cranked up the Harley ??

  I hope they don't sue you for "traumatizing" their off spring ......

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I hope the one at Crystal Beach will soon be ready as well. A little while ago the Fort Erie office said we will be looking at when and if it will be open for the 2020 season. I can't imagine them not opening. I've been told there are plenty of walleye out there with my name on them.

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anyone know what the ramps are like on the lower grand? , albeit a very nice ramp has chosen to run memberships this year and I am not out that way enough to make it worth the 140 some odd dollars (according to my wife). I've heard you can launch by the restaurant but I've never used the ramp :S ? What is the situation in port maitland? 


tight lines all!



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On 5/21/2020 at 6:21 PM, Smelt_Fishy said:

Are you talking about the ramp at the boat club in Dunnville (by old arena)?  I surely hope not, because that is a substantial increase from previous seasons.

where fish-masters charter is, behind the Canadian tire

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On 5/16/2020 at 12:19 PM, Captain Hooksets said:

If the ramp is open the blockade would have been totally removed by the city. I’ve seen multiple blockades moved to the side over the past few weeks. If the ramp was open, why would the municipality keep the hardware on site? 

Good question cpt..got to the river today ,June 9th, and the hardware is still there,road down+ramp is open..seems not everyone is as smart as you and I 


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