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Early July Baptiste Lake Fishing

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This is the first year that I have started fishing seriously and I am really hoping to do well this year at Baptiste Lake near Bancroft. This is a yearly trip to a family cottage, so I’m familiar with the layout of the lake from boating, but I have never seriously fished it. I’m going up early July and will be mainly targeting largemouth, smallmouth, and pike from a dock and a canoe or kayak. Does the lake fish well during this time period?

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11 hours ago, kgm said:

Theres good pike fishing there too.  Used to be just muskie, but apparently there was some sort of accident and pike were released and they kinda took over.   Regular baits for pike and bass work well


More pike in system does mean larger muskie. Its natural for pike to over take because pike spawn much earlier than muskie.

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