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Did we not waste 2 billion dollars on the last gun "control" fiasco ??  I guess the feds have found a big stash of $$$$$$  somewhere ..... seems I remember .......oh yes , the taxpayers of Canada . We don't mind paying more carbon taxes , etc etc etc.....

29 minutes ago, мормышка said:

maintaining freedom is rebellion.

I hope to see a huge rebellion that will cost billions ......  and do nothing for crime rates . Time to tell Trudeau we have had enough ....

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The covid  "isolation " is an example of "control "  . It worked for a couple of months , but now, according to "polls" , 60% are now ignoring the 6' "distance rule" .   A larger majority of younger people agree  "it's over" and life will go on , as usual . What will happen next is anyone's guess . 

 The new "gun rules" will go the same way hopefully ...."REBEL" ....if you value your constitutional freedoms ! 

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Hopefully the Conservative party can get their act together as soon as possible. The NDP and Bloc are acting as useful idiots right now supporting the LIberals in suspending parliament along with pretty much anything else, as long as some goodies are thrown their way. If the Liberals try to call a snap election this year, need to break out the torches and pitchforks!

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