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Anyone having any luck for Salmon

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Most people probably hitting up some big 20lbs range lakers at the bar right now too in the mix.theres usually a big shad run that coincides with the smelt run zoo on the lower...another month the chinooks should be staging pretty good out there.......the "green house"...run usually puts out some good scrappers at this time of year on our end of the lake....water temp changes are a good key factor when it come to "structure " as well and not just depth....you can get some nice ones in shallower water if you find a pronounced temp change in and around the niagara bound end this time of year...but also remember unusually colder start has put things behind a little bit.....try the early June patterns in a couple weeks....the fish dont know what time it is on the calendar....lol

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We've been hitting our kings lately in 110 to 150FOW.  Anywhere from the surface down to 80ft.  The fish are in transition from spring to summer locations, and we're only marking bait way up high on the surface.  If you are having a problem, it is likely due to the spring kings transitioning.  


Run some gear up high.  Hope this helps.

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3 hours ago, Symmetre said:

Hammered fish today 80 down over 120 off Dalhousie, anything blue and silver. Nothing big but lots of fun for sure.

Seems like a bunch of guys have done well over the last few weeks.  Congrats on all the fish

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